Adventures in Curtsyland!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

After all the stories about the Marie Antoinette costume, I thought you at least deserved a pic of Curtsy Girl Danielle and her BFF Veronica. She's taking a little time off while Veronica is in town, so I'll be your blogger for the next several days.

Super Girl (alias Maya) paid a surprise visit to Super Dog (alias)Snickers today. The 2 of them had their heads together for quite a while. I tried to get Super Dog to tell me what they talked about once SG had left, but he just curled up under his cape, farted and ignored me. Quite the enigma that one.

Some great guy gifts arrived today. These Traditional Tattoo Pint Glasses look great in your hand, feel great and when you're not using them, add some class to your cabinets. This same shipment from Sailor Jerry had this kick ass leather Hold Fast Cuff. The Sailor Jerry folks tell us these cuffs are a reminder that you can raise hell with honor! Sailor Jerry's crowd cursed like sailors, but they believed in being honest, being loyal, and honoring their mom and dad. Nice!

One last reminder we've knocked down the price of all our Halloween stuff by 50%. It will most likely stay up until Sunday, so if you're interedted get in here!
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deliciously Wicked

Last night I went to see harpist Joanna Newsom with son Josh. I was kind of surprised when he suggested the concert - a harpist...really? I mean Josh likes pretty much all types of music, he plays mostly rock, jazz and punk, but a harpist? I wasn't sure what to expect as I had not listened to any of her music prior to attending. Let me tell you, I was absolutely, completely spellbound! Her voice has this amazing tone and watching her fingers jump over the strings of the harp is mesmerising. I'm definitely her newest fan!

I know you've been patiently waiting to see pics of the new jewelry line we received and today, your patience is being rewarded with not one, but two snaps of some of the necklaces. Deliciously wicked is the description that jumps into my mind. Pair one of these stunners with a black dress or shirt and you'll be the center of attention! You know you love it!

Update on Danielle's costume trauma. I think she has it patched together enough to wear tomorrow. She cut away some of the fabric that had split and inserted lace in it's place. When she started on the repairs, she found about 3 other places where the fabric had just separated! A great big curse on the manufacturers for selling a self destructing costume. OOH - maybe the manufacturers were single guys and this was mart of their master plan - hmmm...something to think about :)

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Monday, October 29, 2007


Veronica arrives tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I took yesterday off instead of today as Curtsy Mama will have to come in tomorrow, which is normally her day off, so I can pick up Veronica at the airport. I got all caught up on my magazine reading yesterday. If you are as much of a fashion glossy lover as I may have noticed that W magazine has had a new feature near the front titled Trend. The October issue's Trend follows surrealism....and featured are Harry Allen's resin hand hooks!! Harry Allen's reality products have always been some of my favorite items in the store. The hand hooks hang on the wall and are cast from the designer's hand. They come in five different hand positions. The one featured in W is the C'mere, which is great as a coat hook, key hanger, etc. Other hand positions include Om which holds incense, Grab and Offer which can hold anything, and Bestow which comes with a vase and a candle holder that can be interchanged.

Other products we carry from Harry Allen include the Pig bank, My Brother's Frame, and My Brother's Mirror. The Pig Bank is cast resin from a pig that died a natural death, and are chrome or gold plated. My Brother's Frame came to be after the designer was so taken with a frame he found in his brother's closet that he decided to cast it. I love the large, stunning frame with just a 4" x 6" picture opening....very dramatic. My Brother's Mirror is the same frame casting....just with a slightly larger mirror inside.

We received the most gorgeous jewelry line in today!!!! I didn't get a chance to take pictures of it, but we will for sure give you a peek tomorrow. We have been anxiously awaiting this is a company based overseas which can sometimes be a headache to buy from. Last year we came across a situation where we had a bunch of goodies coming from a company in the UK. The shipment contained some novelty band-aids and got held at customs because we weren't a FDA approved business! It ended up staying at customs for about two weeks while we applied for and got FDA approved before it was be released. Anyways.....just goes to show we fell hard for this jewelry and had to take a chance. And I am happy to report that the company has been a dream to work with and shipping only took a few days!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Time Is It?

I set my alarm to go off at 5 this morning, so I could get into the store and put a dent in box mountain. My bedside clock is atomic, so it automatically resets itself when the power goes out or when daylight saving time begins or ends. When I turned on the news, I realized that it was 6am, not 5am. I guess when the Daylight Saving Time people decided to end the seasonal times changes a week later than normal, they forgot to tell my clock, because it's "fell back" last night. Kind of a pain!

We have received several original pieces of art from local artist Gioia Rizzo. the Her work really grabbed me when she first brought it in and I felt we had to try it in the store. The Curtsy Girls love not only glittery things, but inspirational pieces as well. Each individual canvas is 5 X 5, so they will look great on a wall, or sitting on a desk.

The witching hour is fast approaching and the Halloween goods are fast disappearing from CB. Seems like everyone wants one of the beaded spiderwebs that were featured on last week! Hurry in to grab yours before they're all gone. The Curtsy Girls have everything you need to make your Halloween party truly memorable. Now if we can only figure out how to repair Danielle's costume!

I spent the entire day today, unpacking our Christmas Ornaments. We have some that are so beautiful that it sent chills down my back! I can't wait for Danielle to begin transforming the store for the holidays! She's got a huge job ahead of her, but she always makes everything look so beautiful. Stay tuned for pictures of the goods - we won't begin posting them until the beginning of November.
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Costume Trauma

The Captain and I attended a Halloween party last night.....a good trial run for our costumes. Remember how I mentioned my too-expensive Marie Antoinette costume was a bit big?? Well, I spent more $$$ and got it altered so it fit's the worst to be uncomfortable in a costume. So in the middle of our partying.....I notice the panel of the bows that runs down the front center bodice is slowly coming apart from the cheap polyester jacquard fabric. AND......I was standing next to someone who was smoking a cigarette...felt the cigarette hit my hand and looked down and the cherry was on my dress!!! My beautiful Queen attire is now ripped and burned.....and I still have a few more occasions that I will be wearing it to!! Curtsy Mama and I are going to get creative on Monday......we will save the Queen!

We received oodles of fabulous new books and kits yesterday. My favorite is Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous: A Nutritionist's Guide to Living Well While Living It Up. I just flipped through it today, but can't wait to read more. We also received The Hostess Diary.....perfect for anyone who loves to entertain. Inside you will find space for planning a menu, creating the guest list, recording ideas and details of each soirée, and bits of advice throughout.

Two of the kits we received are The Striptease Kit, and Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion. The Striptease kit is a guide to the art of taking it all off....and includes all the accoutrements and information you'll need to pull off a tantalizing tease (and it has red sequined!!) The Truth or Dare kit is by Thrusti, Kicki, Grabbi, which is a company that makes a some fabulous cards that we carry at the store. It includes this adorable ivory dice that you roll to determine whether your next turn holds a truth or dare, and the cards have the best illustrations on them.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Short & Sweet

Today's blog is going to have to be short & sweet. I have to leave a little early to get to a dinner party my pal Pam is hosting. I still have to finish stitch witching lace onto the back of Danielle's Halloween costume, answer a couple of calls and find my way out of the mountain of boxes that is now in the back room. Between Fed-Ex and UPS, we received 17 boxes today. Add that to the 8 boxes still sitting there from yesterday and it smells like overtime for the Curtsy Girls. At least there's some cute stuff in the boxes.

Look at this darling Cameo Espresso Set! They just came in yesterday and I am so in love with them! We also received matching cocktail napkins.

I just finished taking Snick-dog for his afternoon constitutional. We had to make our usual stop in Unleashed Pawsabilities for a little treat. There was a cutest 2 year old, very enthusiastic golden retriever in the store who was just sure that Snickers wanted to play. Snickers, on the other hand, was sure he didn't want to play. He went after the other dog, which just made him think that Snickers wanted to play even more! Since Snickers weighs about 34 lbs and the other dog probably weighed over 80, there was no contest. If I've told him once, I've told him a thousand times, DON'T ATTACK THINGS THAT CAN EAT YOU!! Kid's sometimes they just never learn.
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fab Mommy Mixer!

Just got home from Seattle's first Mommy Mixer that took place at Curtsy Bella which was a smashing success!!! Such a success in fact that another one is already in the works for a few weeks from now! Mommy Mixer is being extremely well received from Seattle's moms in need, and from college students looking to keep busy in between homework and exams. During the hour and a half mixer, each babysitter took a turn to introduce herself, talk about her schedule, availability, and background in babysitting and childcare. Then each Mom took a turn to talk about their situation, number and age of kids and what they are looking for in a babysitter. Then the mingling began! There was such enthusiasm from the babysitters and the moms.......looked like lots of great connections were made tonight. Visit Mommy Mixer's website to find out more and get on the waiting list for the next one!

We received the CUTEST Honey Do kits today! The kit includes a Honey Do chart, 7 Honey Do tokens good for whatever you pleasure, and a dry erase marker. The pleasure recipient fills out the bottom of the chart, indicating when he/she receives so many tokens they are rewarded with chosen pleasure. What a fab way to get your Honey Do's done and make sure both are satisfied in the end!

We also received a new shipment of the adorable collage Girlfriend Photo Albums. We just started carrying these cute girly gifts about a month ago and have already had to place a big reorder. Each album holds 20 photos ,has assorted vintage girlfriend images on the cover, and is embellished with striped ribbon. The same company makes beautiful little Starlight jar candles with vintage collages, touches of glitter and hand dyed silk ribbon.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leave Your Mark

The Curtsy Girls love sending cards, or leaving them around the house for someone special to find. Wax seals are a wonderful way to personalize your correspondence. To help you leave your mark, we carry a large variety of designs and oodles of colors of wax sticks. They now even make wax sticks that fit in your hot glue gun - how ingenious!

Ever been to a party that just doesn't seem to be getting off the ground? Even worse, ever given a party that has trouble launching? Poof Balls are antidote to lackluster bashes. A European tradition, blow paper balls through tubes at your friends and loved ones for good laughs and unforgettable fun. Now I have to say, I was skeptical (really skeptical) when we ordered these the first time, but they continue to sell out every time we order them. Having tried them at the annual Curtsy Thanksgiving bash, I can tell you, they will get everyone giggling!

Speaking of giggling - every Tuesday when I spend a little time at the Denise Louie center volunteering, I find myself smiling and laughing almost the entire time. When I enter the classroom, the tykes make me feel like a rock star - they all scream "Mary" (easier to remember than Mary Jo) and run to me with hugs. Yesterday when I was there, I was reading to a little sweetie and I looked over and she's biting her nails - her TOENAILS! Aaahhh - to be young and flexible!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get it done

Today was one of those days when I was constantly doing yet nothing got done! I was so busy trying to get my card project finished, helping customers, writing orders, and the RSVP's for our Stocking Stuffer Party just kept rolling in all day! (Be sure to RSVP....there is now a link the website) The card project has been another tedious activity of mine.....many customers come in in a hurry trying to find a card for a specific occasion. I don't like to organize the cards by occasion, I prefer to display them by designer for aesthetic reasons. The header cards that usually come from the manufacturers are stupid and most don't even offer them anymore. So I printed and cut out about a million of my own occasion indicators.....they look like little paper scrolls. Some of them are straightforward....Birthday, Thank You, Preggers, etc....some are humorous and play off the card. Hope this makes your card shopping more streamlined!

Today we received a new shipment of the Matchstick Gardens. We can never keep these in....such cute little gifts! They come in Mixed Herbs and Wildflowers. All you do is plant each "matchstick" tip first in soil and soon you will have a flower or herb garden growing!

From the same company, we received lots of fun new paper crafts including the Tatebanko Paper Diorama Kits. I love these and I can't wait to put one together! Tatebanko is the forgotten Japanese art of creating dioramas and scenic perspectives from paper. They come in two designs that feature the works from two famed Edo artists – Hiroshige’s Kambara, Evening Snow and Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Lots of fun for all ages!!

A few other Japanese paper kits arrived...Saka Karakuri Paper Trick Mechanisms. Karakuri (Japanese meaning “trick mechanism”) are devices whose mechanical movement is designed solely to amuse or surprise. Keisuke Saka is one of Japan’s most honored paper engineers, and his designs have a sort of dark humor to them. My favorite is titled Doomed....which when completed is a fish giving his last flops in resistance to the chef's knife.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Where has the day gone?

I swear it seems like I just walked in 5 minutes ago. I just looked at the clock and it's already 4:30! Today is Danielle's day off and I've been busy all day. Mondays tend to be a little quiet and I normally spend the day catching up on the bookkeeping and getting orders placed. Not today! No complaints - I love it when I'm crazy busy - I thrive on it!!

The day began with a wonderful write up on It's just such a great kick in the pants when we receive some recognition - makes us do the happy dance! (ooh - I'm a poet happy dance - kick in the pants!) Advertising is such an expensive proposition that we don't do a lot of it. We always appreciate our customers passing the word on to their friends about the store.

One of our fun items is the Halloween Surprise Ball. As the recipient unwraps the ball, delightful little prizes topple out of the layers. A charm, a fortune telling fish, a little bottle of bubbles, lots of fun little surprises. Make a great centerpiece for your Halloween party with a basket full of these. When the party is over, each guest has a little something to take home.

You know the Curtsy Girls are always on the lookout for things that make us laugh, so when we found this new dishtowel line, we just had to have it. Sayings such as "I'll have a cafe-mocha vodka valium latte, to go please", or "And your cry baby whiny ass opinion would be?" make these all cotton towels the perfect kitchen accessory!
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've had quite a few customers lately buying bridal shower gifts. One of the favorites is the "Any Bitch Can Cook" Cookbook. This is not only a great cookbook, but the acronym they have for bitch is great - Babe In Total Control of Herself. Gotta love it!

As Danielle, the Ultimate Queen of Glitter, let you know yesterday, she finally finished decking out the store's powder room. I have to tell you, she is the cleanest, neatest glitterer ever! How she worked her magic without ruining her clothes or getting it in her hair, I will never know. If I had been in charge of that project, there would have been glitter not only all over the room, but all over me as well. She's amazing!! Our bathroom looks absolutely killer now!

Curtsy Dog Snickers has really been having some arthritis issues for the last several weeks, refusing to jump up on the bed or into the car - leaving me to hoist him up instead. As he's already on arthritis meds from the vet, the gals at the neighboring store, Unleashed Pawsabilities suggested I try giving him Hip Flex treats. The change has been amazing - he's back to jumping up on things without my help (my back is sooo happy)!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super Saturday

I finally finished glittering the bathroom today!!! If I ever inform you that I am going to glitter another room or object....please stop by Curtsyland and smack me. least my method of absolutely tedious. I am celebrating with a large glass of wine right now, which I unfortunately had to open with a very ugly bottle opener. We just got in a moc croc bottle opener set and I must have one! We also received playing cards fabulously encased in the same moc croc.....wonderful holiday gifts!

As I am feeling so super right now....I am reminded of our ridiculously adorable new Wry Baby Super Snapsuits. They are onesies that remind admirers of babies how Super and Super Cute they are! And the absolute best part of these fantastic onesies are that they are equipped with a cape!!!!!

Halloween costume update.....I could not stop dreaming of the Marie Antoinette arrived yesterday! It is gorgeous! Unfortunately it is a bit big so I have to get it taken in a bit....why do Halloween costumes always end up being such a money pit??!? Oh well.....I figure Halloween day and night will be well documented with Veronica and I snapping away with our we have to be really freakin' cute. Curtsy Mama ordered her costume today, however I am not sure if she is telling what she will be. Best stop by Curtsyland on Candy Day to get some sweets and see us! The Captain is possibly dressing up as Bret from Flight of the Conchords...I am giving him a hard time about it though ;-) I LOVE Flight of the Conchords, but his "costume" would consist of mutton chops, an eighties t-shirt and a puffy vest. I think I would rather see him as my King....or Sherlock Holmes.....or a Knight in Shining Armor.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Wet & Wild

I named today's blog "Wet & Wild" as that's how I felt by the time I got home last night. I had worn a long (ankle length) skirt to work yesterday with my trusty cowgirl boots. When I made it home last night, the power was out in my apartment complex and it was VERY, VERY dark. Luckily, I had remembered to grab a flashlight from the store prior to leaving. So here's the picture, me with the flashlight in one hand and holding Snicker's leash with the other hand. I kept stepping on my f#@#ing long skirt while trying to go up the steps to my apartment. So I end up doing this weird wide leg stair stepping technique (picture a upright crab), while Snickers just insists on stopping to sniff EVERY STEP!! Thank god I didn't run into any of my new neighbors - I'm sure I looked real pretty...

When the weather is wild outside, indulge your own animal nature with our fabulous new Giraffe Ceramic Cocktail Shaker. I don't drink, but think my morning OJ would be so much tastier, shaken over ice in one of these cuties. The Curtsy Girls are big fans of games. Definately a way to pass the time when the lights go out. Backgammon has always been a favorite, and this new Travel Backgammon Set is perfect for home or on the road.

When my kids were little they liked nothing better than knocking stuff over. Doesn't matter what - it was just fun to pile things up and knock em down. When we saw this Attack of the 50 ft Baby we just had to have it. This set of 7 light-weight blocks is not only fun for toddlers to stack up and bop over,again and again and again, the graphics on the side will keep you entertained while you watch.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be Fabulous in Bed

Busy day in Curtsyland! UPS, FedEx, and DHL visited us today with oodles of goodies, we had a rep meeting in the morning, and guys & dolls were out shopping in full force despite the wind storm headed our way. The power kept flickering at the store, and the Captain said it went off a few times here at home. I am going to rush and tell you about my fav new things we received today before the lights go out.....

First thing we unpacked today was our new kick ass pillow case sets from Snooze City, which I have been so excited to receive! They were recently featured in Nylon mag and People....who claim that Gwen and Gavin are fans of the Guitar & Amp set and the Bride & Groom. On the packaging, the company reminds us that "Statistically will spend 24 years of your life in bed. It's time for you to express yourself where you sleep.....don't be boring in bed." Hurry in to see all the designs.

Next box of goodies we got around to unpacking today included the most adorable little boxes called "Be" Boxes. They are tiny hand painted recycled wood trinket boxes. Inside are little frames with vintage photos of fabulous women instructing the recipient to Be a Visionary, Be a Diva, Be an Outlaw....and many more. They are a great gift in themselves, or could be used as a gift box for jewelry. From the same company arrived teeny wood gift tags.....adorable on top of a package, wine bottle, anything!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Swimming Upstream

Do you ever have days that feel like your swimming against the current all day? That's what my day has been like. Nothing awful, it just has taken me twice as long to complete everything, little roadblocks at every turn. C'est la vie - yes?

The saving grace for the day was this fabulous new jewlery line that arrived. Double sided whimsical photo collage charms. We have a great selection that can be purchased individually to attach to a bracelet, necklace or keychain. There is also a series of 10 different "Queen" necklaces. Each one has an additional little charm (crown, martini glass, fleur de lis or tiny gardening tools) attached - very sweet.

We are expecting a ton of shipments from UPS and Fed-ex, but they gyped us today with only one package. I can already picture what tomorrow will be like - mountains of boxes. We never object to getting lots of goodies in - it's sorta like Christmas!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

J'adore Bijoux!

Lots of new Rosanna in! I love getting the new designs in......makes me want to throw a party. One of the new collections in titled Les Bijoux. Anything that intermixes dining with jewelry is fabulous in my eyes!!! The collection includes dessert plates and cups & saucers, and of course come in gorgeous boxes that double as cute storage containers. How fun to throw a Bijoux dinner could decorate the table with oversize resin jewels, use those jewel shaped ice cubes, use pretty necklaces as the napkin rings/party favors.....Dinner at Tiffany's! I probably won't put the new collections out until the Halloween goodies are will be perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Just ask if you can't wait and we can pull them out of the back room.

We also received some more fabulous witty wooden wall signs from Haley's Cottage. Some of my favs are "She With the Most Shoes Win," "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas," "Martini Queenies," and "Well behaved women rarely make history." You can hang them on the wall or stand them anywhere you need the inspiration.


Monday, October 15, 2007


It's Monday and this morning I was running a little late. I threw on a top and a jacket and rushed out the door. When I got to Metropolitan Market to pick up my lunch before heading to the store, I realized that the top I put on is absolutely HUGE (have I lost weight?). I realized this because the "girls" were wanting to pop out right there on the bakery counter - EEK! Not being an exhibitionist I knew I had to do something to rescue the outfit. I remembered the Stylin' Tape order that we recently received and decided to give it a try. Voila - no more slippage! My top is securly taped to my chest - I can even lean over! This stuff is so cool!!! In the interest of research, I tried removing the tape to see if it was painful. Nope - not in the least!

I just love this journal! I think the message on the cover is a great reminder. My son Josh (a songwriter) is always telling me to journal when I have problems cluttering up my brain. Writing down my frustrations, perceptions and expectations helps me to sort through the muck. A great journal and a fabulous pen are wonderful holiday gifts for teenagers. They need a place to pour all those emotions that are bursting forth through every pore!

I had the nicest surprize yesterday. I had been chatting with one of our customers several weeks ago and mentioned that my dream is to someday go on a photo safari to Africa. Yesterday this sweet, thoughful woman gave me a wonderful book all about Africa and it's animals. There is absolutely nothing more delicious than receiving an unexpected surprize! I have to remember to "pay if forward" and give someone else a little lift.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Sunday, October 14, 2007


The Seattle Grizzlies came so close - they lost their playoff game by 1 goal! Good try lads - we're proud of ya! Word is that the captain dislocated his shoulder in the battle - ouch! In other local contests I'm happy to report the following outcome - after a lenghty battle, technology finally bowed to me, Curtsy Mama. It was certainly touch and go for a while, but let's just put it this way - I KICKED TECHNOLOGY'S ASS!!! All the electronics at my new place are now working.

We've all seen 'em -and a lot of us know at least one - the "crazed commuter". Weaving in & out of traffic, their blood pressure reaching dangerous levels as they stress over getting to work on time. Destination Calm Car Aromatherapy for the Road is sure to help tame even the most frazzled driver! Sayings such as "Let it Go", "Breath" and "Be Calm" remind these people it's not worth blowing a gasket over.

The holiday season of parties and events and just general going out fun is almost upon us. Want to look like the pretty princess that you truly are? A nice pre-party soak in the tub and a few minutes with the Beauty Resting lavender eye pillow will have you feeling like a new girl. Helps melt away the stress of the week so you can relax and concentrate on the fun at hand. Aaaahh, I feel better already.
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good Luck Grizzlies!!!

Our Seattle Grizzlies are kicking ass in Louisville!!! They smeared the other teams in both of their games today and made it in to the championship tomorrow!!! I will let you know how it goes. of the Grizzlies TV debut from the other day was posted on YouTube. The Captain is the really cute one with the tattoos who is playing fabulously. Busy Saturday in Curtsyland! It was Snicker's birthday today.....twelve years young. We had an adorable little girl in today who sat on the ground and petted him for about a half hour.....he was in heaven! And he got a cannoli today....usually only Friday is cannoli day.

We got an order placed for more baby socks from Trumpette today.....we can't keep those things in stock! The new collections are ADORABLE. They designed a Disney collection for the holidays....which includes Minnie Mouse tights and knee highs!! Minnie Mouse has always been a fashion arbiter in my eyes......I definitely remember a year of my childhood when I absolutely would not take off my red with white polka dots dress. We also have Halloween socks in the store right now. They have little ghosts on them and the inside of the cute gift box reads Trick-or-Treat...Smell my Feet!

I received the exciting news the other day that a good friend that I grew up with is expecting a little girl in January....I am so excited for her!! Nothing makes me want to have a baby more than the Cake diaper bags by Petunia Pickle Bottom. Seriously the most amazing, gorgeous diaper bags you will ever see!!!! They come in yummy colors like Blueberry Crumb, Lemon Chiffon, and Strawberry Lace. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new color.....Midnight Blackberry! It is beautiful that we have already had someone track us down and reserve it and we haven't even received it yet! We will get another order placed pronto is going to break my heart to pack it up as soon as we lay eyes on it....but I am sure the the new yummy mummy will love it and cherish it!