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Friday, March 19, 2010


Sorry for the 2 week absence, the nasty strep bug that has been circling bit me and bit me hard. I'm not one to stay at home much and spending days on the couch feeling lousy is not my idea of fun. As least the day before it hit, I had adopted 2 new kitties and this gave us some bonding time. They are actually 2 year old sisters different as night and day. One is on the plump side and the other is absolutely tiny! They have turned out to be very fun and loving cats. I had to change their names as the tags they came with were un-feminine and certainly not fitting for 2 such fabulous felines. Their new names are Coco and Chanel...much more fitting!

Today is my son Josh's birthday. We began the day by taking him to the Queen Mary Tea Room for a b-day brunch, complete with making him wear the crown they keep on hand for guys. The Curtsy Girls love celebrations, especially birthdays!

A couple of years ago I found the Happy Birthday Flower Candle and was so amazed by it that I simply had to have it for Curtsyland. If you haven't seen one work in person, your life is simply not complete. When you light the closed flower, a tower of sparkles begins, then the flower opens with all of the candles lit and then the flower spins around while playing Happy Birthday. One of the best selling items in the store.

No matter what age the birthday celebrant it, a hat always helps them to feel it's their special day. The 3 Tiered Birthday Hat does just that and it comes in the most adorable little striped hat box as well!

Whatever you are celebrating, you know that Curtsy Bella will always have just the right gift and we'll always make it look beautiful.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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