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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super Saturday

I finally finished glittering the bathroom today!!! If I ever inform you that I am going to glitter another room or object....please stop by Curtsyland and smack me. least my method of absolutely tedious. I am celebrating with a large glass of wine right now, which I unfortunately had to open with a very ugly bottle opener. We just got in a moc croc bottle opener set and I must have one! We also received playing cards fabulously encased in the same moc croc.....wonderful holiday gifts!

As I am feeling so super right now....I am reminded of our ridiculously adorable new Wry Baby Super Snapsuits. They are onesies that remind admirers of babies how Super and Super Cute they are! And the absolute best part of these fantastic onesies are that they are equipped with a cape!!!!!

Halloween costume update.....I could not stop dreaming of the Marie Antoinette arrived yesterday! It is gorgeous! Unfortunately it is a bit big so I have to get it taken in a bit....why do Halloween costumes always end up being such a money pit??!? Oh well.....I figure Halloween day and night will be well documented with Veronica and I snapping away with our we have to be really freakin' cute. Curtsy Mama ordered her costume today, however I am not sure if she is telling what she will be. Best stop by Curtsyland on Candy Day to get some sweets and see us! The Captain is possibly dressing up as Bret from Flight of the Conchords...I am giving him a hard time about it though ;-) I LOVE Flight of the Conchords, but his "costume" would consist of mutton chops, an eighties t-shirt and a puffy vest. I think I would rather see him as my King....or Sherlock Holmes.....or a Knight in Shining Armor.



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