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Sunday, October 14, 2007


The Seattle Grizzlies came so close - they lost their playoff game by 1 goal! Good try lads - we're proud of ya! Word is that the captain dislocated his shoulder in the battle - ouch! In other local contests I'm happy to report the following outcome - after a lenghty battle, technology finally bowed to me, Curtsy Mama. It was certainly touch and go for a while, but let's just put it this way - I KICKED TECHNOLOGY'S ASS!!! All the electronics at my new place are now working.

We've all seen 'em -and a lot of us know at least one - the "crazed commuter". Weaving in & out of traffic, their blood pressure reaching dangerous levels as they stress over getting to work on time. Destination Calm Car Aromatherapy for the Road is sure to help tame even the most frazzled driver! Sayings such as "Let it Go", "Breath" and "Be Calm" remind these people it's not worth blowing a gasket over.

The holiday season of parties and events and just general going out fun is almost upon us. Want to look like the pretty princess that you truly are? A nice pre-party soak in the tub and a few minutes with the Beauty Resting lavender eye pillow will have you feeling like a new girl. Helps melt away the stress of the week so you can relax and concentrate on the fun at hand. Aaaahh, I feel better already.
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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