Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I scream for ice cream & Barbie..

Curtsy Mama will be home tomorrow!!! Sorry for no blog yesterday......I started writing it then got distracted and never remembered to finish.....trés exhausted & brain dead without my Curtsy-partner-in-crime in town ;-(

As soon as I heard news of the earthquake in LA thoughts instantly went to the wonderful world of Tarina Tarantino. I am sending sparkly thoughts & wishing & hoping that every TT gal(& gent), and every sparkling bauble is ok! We just received an email filled with party pics from The Pink Plastic Party....the LA launch of the Tarina Tarantino Barbie. Areas of the TT store were transformed to look like Barbie's Dream House....and Tarina looked gorgeous posing with her Barbie alter-ego!! We received the most AMAZING pink jeweled heart TT necklace last week that I know Barbie would adore. I am also totally digging the new cherub necklace & earrings from Tarina.....perfect for all of the sweet & romantic styles seen on many designers S/S runways.

Mr. UPS delivered super cute jeweled ice cream pint holders today! It is a polished aluminum container that perfectly fits a pint of your fav flav ice cream. It has a big pink jewel pull, colored jewels adorning the lid, and it even includes a spoon that sits in a holder on the side! I scream! (**please note.....I can't find an picture of the exact one we rec'd & I am not at the store. This one is from the same company & is similar.....ours is a bit cuter though ;-)**)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Cross your fingers

Curtsy Mama will be home on Thursday!! I am soooooo missing having someone to play with at Curtsyland everyday. I know she is uber ready to come home too......and poor Snickers must think he lives at the boarding place! Curtsy Grandma is home from the hospital now and doing her best to get better. Curtsy Mama has been cooking her whatever she might be craving every night....she doesn't have much of an appetite but has eat to get her strength back. I heard that lucky gal got a classic turkey dinner feast last night......jealous!!!

I broke my fav heart shaped mirror today....I wanted to cry. I am a wee bit I immediately starting wondering how to reverse or counteract the seven years of bad luck coming my way. The Captain told me to eat a shaker of salt. right. As I don't really feel like having a heart attack over this.....I googled it and discovered some other rituals. Supposedly I could ground the entire mirror into dust, bury the pieces under a tree during a full moon, or place the pieces of the mirror in a river flowing in a southerly direction. I feel tired just thinking about trying to conquer any of those tasks....maybe I am not as superstitious as I have always thought. Think I am just going to cross my fingers for a few hours tonight.

We received a new card line in today......Quotable. I have been a fan for years and years.....we carried them at the store I grew up working at in my home town. Quotable is a company that aims to inspire as many people as possible.....they make cards & gift items with quotes of some of the most gifted writers, thinkers & poets of our age. One of my favorites has a quote by reads "fool! don't you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you!" I also love one with a quote by Winston Churchill that says..."if you're going through hell, keep going..."


p.s. The Captain & I will be attending the inaugural Boomerang Ball this Saturday night at The Kangaroo & Kiwi. It is open to anyone and should be an absolute blast! The event is a fundraiser for the Captain's Australian Rules Football League of Seattle. View the invite here!

Friday, July 25, 2008

She has arrived!!!!!!!

Apologies for a sans blog Thursday lovelies! It was a rough day.....we had some very bad men come in and steal from Curtsyland ;-( I had noticed oodles of baby boy clothes missing after this weekend that were not on the sales report so I have been totally bummed about that all week. I am so emotionally attached to all of our merchandise that the ONLY time I enjoy seeing it leave Curtsyland is with someone who loves its as much as I do and worked hard for the $$ to pay for it. So yesterday as I was working on a display near the front of the store....three very un-Curtsylicious misters came in. I felt uber uncomfortable - so as I went to get the phone to call someone over from next of them followed me up to the counter while the other two grabbed stuff and ran out the door.

I was able to get the video of the incident recorded and to the police. I am almost positive these are the same guys that shoplifted from our kids section a few months back....although not sure it was them this past weekend. They always take little boy clothes....poor innocent little boy must always be the best dressed in hot clothes. shit heads.

Anyways......something so wonderful happened today that it pushed the bad men out of my thoughts instantly. THE TARINA TARANTINO BARBIE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so gorgeous & beautiful & fabulous & sparkling & perfect in every way! The detail of all the itty bitty jewelry and her dress and hair and the TT store setting is to-die-for!!!! It is part of the Gold Label Collection of collectible Barbies and it indicates on the back of the box that only 14,400 of them are in existence. We only have three remaining that have not been spoken for yet. Hurry in, email, or call us asap if you can't go on living without the most perfect Barbie ever ;-)

We also received some gorgeous new TT Anywhere Clips....small & large....and the new silk orchid bobby pin. I love love love Tarina hair accessories! They are seriously the easiest way to dress up any outfit and they make such a statement....I always get oodles of compliments on them.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mysteries & Poo

I opened an invoice this morning for a book order we were set to receive any day. I had ordered four of the Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor Interactive Mystery....the invoice indicated we wanted 32! I freaked and called them right away.....the customer service helper assured me that the order hadn't shipped and he changed the quantity ordered. Half an hour later...two giganto boxes arrived with 32 Batman mysteries to be solved....oy vey. Anyways.....I am guessing the four copies we are keeping will fly as everyone is in a Batman mood for some crazy reason ;-) The book requires the reader to sift through police reports, a private journal, maps of Wayne Manor, news clippings, forensic samples, and photographs from family albums (all included throughout the book as removable facsimiles) to solve a mystery of a murder that took place at Wayne Manor. When you think you have it can open the final signature of the book which is sealed at the printer to read the remainder of the story.

We also received DC Superheroes: A How-to-Draw Kit. Comic book fans can learn to draw their fav DC heroes....Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Robin. The drawing portfolio includes a 48-page book which leads artists of all levels through techniques, shapes, perspective, figures, and more. With a pencil, pen, ruler and instructional poster, readers can use what they've learned to draw their very own comic book.

And for the gals.....Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls: How to Start a Band, Write Songs, Record an Album and Rock Out! There is an actual Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls located in Portland and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the camp. The camp has been around since 2001...the book brings the camp's inspiring, hands-on approach and advice from its all-star crew of female musicians to girls everywhere.

And a book that I know many guys in my life will enjoy.....the Poo Log. This book is a journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement. With handy reference charts, extensive checklists (shape, color, consistency, etc.), interesting nuggets, and screamingly funny illustrations throughout, this journal makes every trip to the can an e-loo-cidating experience. Who knew one could learn so much from poo?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hair Sparkles

I received a visit today from my friend who works for Gene Juarez and just transferred to their new U Village location....yesterday was her first day! I believe they only asked 15 employees or so to open that we are just super excited for her. And we get to see her much more often now! She is so close that if it wasn't for that big parking garage & an apartment building or two....I could totally bring some 'noculars to Curtsyland and watch her cut hair. That would be creepy though I realize. Anyways.....if you happen to have been waiting for their fancy new location to open, or if the person you are currently using is sure to ask for Jillian & tell 'em the Curtsy Girls sent you!

Speaking of hair.....we received some AHHHH-MAA-ZING new Anywhere Clips by Tarina Tarantino in today!!! Some of her new summer designs feature vintage resin flowers that I am head-over-heels for. We have two different Anywhere Clips with a gorgeous collage of a vintage resin flower & crystal flowers adorning a silk ribbon flower. I haven't put them out on the sales floor and someone already snagged one. We also received post earrings featuring the vintage resin flower and an amazing jeweled medallion necklace.

I am obsessed with all of the TT Anywhere Clips....I wear one almost everyday! No matter what kind of hair day I am one notices because the clips totally steal the show. I have the large lace flower clip in yellow which was recently featured in an Italian fashion magazine. And I just ordered the new silk orchid bobby pin as seen here on Jennifer Lopez.....should be here shortly.

Don't forget the Sip & Shop we had planned for tomorrow evening is cancelled!!! Terribly sorry!!! If you do show up - maybe just show us your best pouty face and do a few curtsy's & we will give you some bubbly.....but there wont be any live music and we definitely wont sing. Curtsy Mama will be in FL until Aug 1st now.....pretty please send our Curtsy Grandma some get well thoughts!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Uncooked Cards

Oh my......manic Monday at Curtsyland! It was just one of those days where it was so hard to get back in the swing of things after a few days off. Well worth it though....the Captain and I had a wonderful weekend. The rafting adventure was so-so....not uber exciting for how much $$ it cost...but wonderful to be with all of our friends. And we had a FAB-U-LOUS time with his fam in Olympia!

So seeing as I am totally vacay brain-dead....I am having trouble finding the words to describe the new card line we received today......Uncooked. It is a card line we knew instantly had to be added to our greeting card fun at Curtsyland. In the about us section on their website...they explain "the year was 2004. we were young and giddy and our bodies reeked of cod. we had just squeezed into our big sexy bathing suits to air ourselves out when suddenly the most glorious idea popped into our heads. uncooked cards! we eagerly jammed handfuls of jelly worms down our throats and began creating the most honest, most absurd, most strangest, sweetest line of greeting cards the world would ever know." That said....I will just let a few examples speak for themselves....

"it's your birthday and i want you to be happy all day. that's why i'm not going to tell you about the sorcerer who lives in my pocket and hates your guts."

"if there was an award for the best friend in the world, i'd make sure you get it. even if it meant having unprotected sex with the judges."

"you must be so excited you're getting married and that you found true love. maybe if i wasn't so easy, i could get married too."

inside reads "thank you for thanking me with your thank you card."

Sooooooo.....when you need a good giggle be sure to stop in and check them all out. Just be warned that your cheeks will hurt from laughing so hard and a little pee might come out.

Curtsy Grandma poor little not-feeling-well Grandma is not listening to me! I keep telling her to get better and she is putting up quite a fight. Curtsy Mama is extending her trip a bit glad that it is summer and much quieter at Curtsyland so she can be Grandma certainly needs her there. They performed surgery on her today to put a pacemaker on her heart and it went well. Since Curtsy Mama is still out of town...we are going to cancel our Sip-N-Shop scheduled for this Wednesday. We should have another fun event planned for August so stay tuned!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Word to Big Bird

TIGF!!! It has been a loooooonnnnnngggg week at Curtsyland....tough when you are by yourself! Curtsy Mama is in Florida right now taking care of our uber sick Curtsy Grandma ;-( I had big plans of accomplishment today but nothing seemed to get done. The divine Curtsy Girl SarahRose will be taking care of Curtsyland this weekend....such a doll! The Captain and I are rafting down the Wenatchee tomorrow for our friend's 30th birthday. It is a 4 hour excursion and the guides cook us a big BBQ at the end....I will let you know how it goes!

Soon as our white water fun is over....we are driving to Olympia to spend a few nights with the Captain's fam. One of his many sisters is in town from Alaska. I just got to meet her for the first time last week.....yet another sister that I ADORE! The Captain has five much fun to date someone with a big family. His family in Olympia lives around a beautiful lake.....his mom emailed me the other day to let me know she is planning us a booze cruise in the evening on their boat then a big fondue dinner.....loves it!!!

We received some super cute baby onesies and toddler t's today from Uncommonly Cute. My fav for newborns say "New Kid on the Block" and " © 2008". We also received some toddler t's that are uber says "Word to Big Bird"....tee hee!!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Babies Rock

Adorable new baby goodness arrived today from Trumpette! Trumpette makes the most wonderful sets of baby socks....among other goodies....that come in uber cute gift boxes. One of their hot, new styles is simply titled Baby Socks That Rock...and they totally do. The set includes six pairs of socks that look like little lace up sneakers complete with a bow.....and come in six super bright, almost neon-ish colors.

We also received more Baby Ballerina socks.....definitely our most popular for little ones made of sugar, spice & everything nice. Includes six pairs of socks that will make your tiny dancer look like she is decked out in her toe shoes! All Trumpette socks sets are for ages 0-6 months.

And my FAV new item from Trumpette is the Babies of Oxford.....itty bitty oxford shirts!!! Available in sizes 6-12, 12-18 & 18-24 months....the black collared, button down is adorned with an uber cute crest on the pocket. Your little one is sure to look super smart & collegiate cool!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sleepmasks & Baby Heels

Uber stressful television situation at our place right now. We don't watch too much TV...but two summer shows that I absolutely heart are So You Think You Can Dance & Project Runway. I got home from ballet a bit after 8 to find that the first half SYTYCD wasn't recording on my BFF Tivo and totally flipped. PR debuts tonight and was listed as a higher priority than even though they don't overlap 'til 9pm it wasn't recording the first hour. The Captain is out playing right now and I know he will want to watch PR....don't tell him I told you(!!) I am letting Tivo record that while watching SYTYCD in the bedroom. I get sad every time a commercial break comes and I can't fast forward.

A few new styles of Mary Green sleepmasks arrived & surprised me today...they were back ordered from the shipment we received a few weeks ago. They are uber cute and soooo new that I can't even track down a picture of them on the internet and forgot to take one while at Curtsyland ;-( One of them reads "On Cloud Nine" and is blue embroidered with pearly white clouds. The other is red and reads "Mommy is sleeping....go ask Daddy"......I have a feeling that one will sell out uber quickly ;-)

We also got all stocked up again in our fabulous Heelarious baby's first high heels. They are flying off the shelf....definitely THE hot baby girl gift of the year! Heelarious has been getting oodles of press lately....they were recently featured on ABC News and ET Online, and written up in the New York Post and InTouch Weekly. The InTouch article was titled "Crawling down the Catwalk"....loves it! Heelarious makes soft crib shoes designed to look like high heels. They are made for little ones age 0-6 months so of course they are not intended for walking as the heel would collapse. Heelarious currently has six styles.....leopard, zebra, pink satin & patent, and black patent & satin. The leopard is definitely my fav and has been for everyone else too.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boob Men

Guess who came to visit me at Curtsyland today??!? Baby Stetson!!!! Him & his mama were getting cabin made my day! The Captain's nephew is soooooo cute....and uber handsome already. The Captain's Mom came in the other day and bought just about every baby "Prince" goodness we had....Stetson is sure to be the best dressed baby in town. She bought the adorable Little Prince long sleeve tee & sneaker set. The tee is adorned with a metallic graphic with a crown....and comes in a gift box with matching silver sneaks. This set is also available in a brown tee adorned with a gold guitar & gold kicks.....and a blue tee that reads "Hugs, Kisses & Rock 'N Roll"....perfect for those Seattle musicians we all know who might be popping out some little ones.

Stetson got a little fussy while visiting which I don't understand since he was in Curtsyland which is pretty much the most kick ass place on earth. He cheered up as soon as he got some boob......typical male. ;-) I think I should definitely send him home with our Boob Man bottle by Baby Gags next time. Baby Gags also makes bottles that say Sucker, Hot Babe, and Milk Junkie - Member of Milkaholics Anonymous.

I have to close Curtsyland early sorry for the inconvenience!! I will be closing at 5:45....regular hours the rest of the week though!



Monday, July 14, 2008

Dirty is how we roll.

Received word today that one of our fav customers is moving back to her hometown of Boston to start law school. We adore all of our customers and get uber sad to hear we wont get to see them on a regular basis. We always try to insist, beg, & plead for them to keep in touch. Just this weekend we heard from one of fav regulars who recently moved to Colorado....Swello to the good to hear from you!!!

So Curtsy Girl SarahRose's Barbie birthday/graduation party was a smashing success!!! We looked uber adorable dressed up in vintage garb as Pretty in Pink Birthday Barbie & Evening Splendor Barbie. SarahRose and I have hair styles that are very similar and very platinum...the first guest that arrived was admiring our get-ups and remarked "Those wigs are just divine!!" I giggle every time I think of it. She totally didn't believe that it was our real hair...she kept insisting that we pull on it to prove it was ours. One of the activities planned for the guests was a poetry slam...the birthday girl choose three of her fav words and the guests had fifteen minutes to write a poem about her incorporating those three words. One of the words she choose was Curtsylicious...which of course confused most of the guests whom live on Whidbey Island and have not been to or heard of Curtsyland. I heard one gentleman remark...."That sounds dirty!" Loves it ;-)

We always love to hear feedback from customers who have given Curtsylicious gifts. I just had a gal in who recently gave our Bridessentials kit to a Bride-to-be. The wedding was this weekend and she reported that the kit saved the day!!! The bride's necklace sadly broke right before the ceremony but was able to mend it using the needle & thread from the kit. Love to hear stories like that! The kit contains 25 essentials that could hopefully save any disaster. She said after the incident everyone in the bridal party wanted to know where they could get one for other brides-to-be....guess I should be ordering oodles more!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer in Seattle

I lived in Arizona for 30 years, did a couple of years down in Florida and grew to HATE summer! Not a big fan of weather that is hotter than my oven! Now that I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I'm back in love with the season. One of my favorite things to do during the summer is dining alfresco. Invite a couple of friends, throw something yummy on the grill,relax and enjoy! Let your friends know you think they're special by making your table look special. These beautiful white Dauphine Candlesticks by Rosanna were inspired by the elegant styles in 18th century France. Top them with the sparkly Gold Rush Candles and you're set.

In keeping with the French theme of the candlesticks, you can add these delightful Eiffel Tower Champagne Flutes or the Eiffel Tower Wine Glasses. Tres chic cherie!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

SAVE THE DATE; Wednesday, July 23rd for the next Sip & Shop in Curtsyland. Live music, cool summer libations & Curtsy Dollars being passed about!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday SarahRose

Sorry we were sans blog yesterday. We were so busy serving champagne and sparkling cider and passing out chocolates wrapped with Curtsy Cash that we honestly just spaced out doing the blog. If you missed last night's Sip & Shop event, don't despair, we're going to have an encore, live music, sparkling libations and chocolates wrapped with Curtsy Cash on Wednesday, July 23rd, once again from 5 - 7PM.

Today is Curtsy Girl, SarahRose's B-Day! She has been one of our favorite people ever since she the first day she helped us out in Curtsyland. In addition to being an acomplished dancer (she just graduated from UW with a major in dance and a minor in philosophy), she's an organizing FREAK! Every time she works here, all the drawers get re-arranged and we love it! She's also a self taught oragami expert having provided us with a stunning example of 2 rabbits uh...well you know... for our Naughty Oragami book. She's having a "Barbie" party this weekend, so the birthday fairy may have brought her something from the Tarina Barbie Collection.
She and Danielle are going out tonight and Danielle wanted her to have a party hat. We have oodles of cute ones in the store, but Danielle decided that since it was SarahRose, she had to make her a special one. Turned out really, really cute!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fantastic in Plastic

The Captain and I just returned from four fabulous nights camping/boating at Potholes Reservoir. We go every year with the Captain's sister & brother-in-law who are both police officers in Olympia. It ended up being three police officer couples and a few of our friends from group of people to spend a holiday with! We do a theme night every year....last year was Talladega Nights where we all dressed up as a character from the movie. The Captain won best costume dressed up as Cal Naughton, Jr. This year the theme was open....anyone could dress up as anyone or anything. The Captain and I dressed up as Juno & Paulie....let me tell you how f***ing hot & uncomfortable it was being preggers while camping. But I won second place! We also had a Marge & Homer Simpson, Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson, Miss Hannigan from Annie, Dirk Diggler, & Bret from Flight of the Conchords.

This coming weekend I get to dress up again!! Loves's like Halloween in July. Curtsy Girl SarahRose is having a birthday/graduation party.....the theme is Barbie and dressing as the perfect plastic princess is strongly encouraged. My arm need not be twisted at all. I have ADORED all things Barbie my entire life.....narrowing it down to pick out one to dress up as is the tough part. It will most certainly involve a piece of the Tarina Tarantino Barbie collection. I have the super-sized lucite heart Barbie earrings in the black & pink color - I get oodles of compliments every time I wear them.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Tarina Tarantino Collector Series Barbie Doll....inspired by a day in the life of the Queen of Sparkle herself! The detail of all the TT accessories adorning this doll is amazing.....itty bitty reproductions of TT jewels. And the packaging is designed to resemble her flagship Los Angeles boutique. Be sure to email the Curtsy Girls ASAP if you want to get your hands on one when they arrive.....we were only able to reserve a limited number.

Hope to see you all at our Sip & Shop tomorrow night!!! Curtsy Boy Josh will be providing the tunes and we will have lots of bubbly to sip on......taking place at Curtsyland between 5-7pm!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Decorate Your Life

Summer is a great time to tackle those spruce up projects around the house. An in-expensive way to add some excitement to a room is with stencils. The Stiletto or Heart Stencils from Stencil One are not your run of the mill, got em from the fabric store, stencils. These are only as tame as your wild imagination! The Curtsyland powder room is adorned with the heart stencil in gold (and a small jewel) all around the perimeter and it looks fabulous! Ask to see it next time you're in the store.

The Until Dawn Curtain by Artecnica is a great way to add some interest to a room. Made out of Tyvec, a super resilient paper material, the curtain is tear, temperature and water resistant. The elaborate flower and fauna design creates interesting shadows in any space. The 42" X 96" panel comes with velcro closure loops, so it can be hung from a pole or hooks. Perfect for defining separate spaces in a bedroom or a loft.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Reminder : Wednesday July 9th from 5 - 7PM join us for "Sip & Shop" - live music in the store and refreshing summer beverages all compliments of the Curtsy Girls!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Change Versus Comfort

Change Versus Comfort is a local Seattle band who's members include Curtsy son/brother Josh Thomas and talented band mates Derek Hernandez, Jon Lee and James Hollingsworth. After much hard work and many, many recording sessions, the band's first self produced CD, Tornado with a Halo, is now available. Curtsyland of course has them in stock.

If you want a taste of what the band sounds like, visit their myspace page for a sample. Yes, I'm a bit prejudiced - I've been listening to their music evolve for several years now and being the rocker girl that I've always been, I really love their sound. I'd buy the CD even if one of them wasn't my son!

If you want to see the band in person, they are holding a CD release show this Saturday, July 5th at 10PM at the Blue Moon Tavern (712 NE 45th St. Seattle). I can promise you that it will be loud, energetic and amazing!

Curtsy Bella will be closed tomorrow, Friday July 4th, will re-open at our regular time, 10AM on Saturday July 5th. Have a safe & sane holiday!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

SAVE THE DATE - Wednesday, July 9th from 5-7PM Sip & Shop at Curtsyland. Cooling summer libations and live music - join us for some summer fun!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's a Party!!

What do you get for a birthday gift for that special person in your life who has everything? We love the Happy Birthday Plates and Mugs from local designer Rosanna. A beautiful way to make anyone feel special on their special day. These sets can also be the beginning of a wonderful family tradition. When my kids were little, I always tried to make their birthdays extra special. I would get up early and decorate the breakfast table. If these sets had been around back then, I would have used them to serve their special birthday breakfast on.

Don't wait for someones birthday for an excuse to party. It's Wednesday, it's July in Seattle, I didn't talk illegally on my cell phone today...any excuse will do! The Sweet Dreams Set by Rosanna, comes with 4 bowls in yummy sherbet shades. Twenty-five favorite ice cream flavors decorate the insides of the bowls and the whole thing comes in a matching pint gift box. Surprise someone this week - get the ice cream, all the toppings (DON'T forget the whipped cream) and go crazy! Life's too short not to have a little fun every day!

Our July Customer of the Month is Julia Carnevali. Julia is a most wonderful and interesting woman and she enchants us every time she comes in. She will receive a $50 gift card and 10% off all her regularly priced purchases all month. You never have to buy anything to be the Curtsylicious Customer of the Month - just talk to us when you're in the store and make sure we have you entered into our customer database.

SAVE THE DATE!! Speaking of parties - the Curtsy Girls will be hosting 2 sip & shop nights in July. Wednesday, July 9th and Wednesday, July 23rd From 5 - 7PM we be serving cool summer libations and the store will be filled with fabulous live music from Curtsy son/brother Josh Thomas and his amazing band mate, Derek Hernandez. Really, you don't want to miss these guys. It's a great excuse for a night out - grab your best buds and head down to the store - make a night of it!


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo