Adventures in Curtsyland!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

And the January Customer of the Month is......

The divine, marvelous, wonderful and very Curtsylicious Jennifer Roberts!! Jennifer has been a fabulous customer of ours since we opened. She has the sweetest children who all refer to Curtsyland as "The Breakable Store".....and are always so amazingly well behaved and careful when in the store.....we adore them all! Jennifer always brightens our day when she stops by.....and we love that she comes to us for her gift giving needs or when she needs a treat for herself. For being our first Curtsylicious Customer of the Month, Jennifer will recieve a $50 CB gift card and 10% off all of her purchases in the month of February. Congrats Jennifer and thank you for everything!

Today we received the most beautiful picture frames! They are molded Baroque Coat of Arms frames made of hand cast resin. We got them in this fabulous fuchsia, white, and gold. Also from the same company, we have baroque candlesticks which look amazing with our new Gold Rush pillar candles that Curtsy Mama told you about the other day. We just have them in gold right now but will be getting in other colors later. Love!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short & Sweet

Hi All,
A short update tonight as I just got home from hosting the Mommy Mixer at the store and I'M TIRED!! It almost seemed like Christmas at Curtsyland tonight - there were so many mommies and sitters mixing that the store was bursting at the seams! Heidi and Jason from King 5 News were there filming all the mingling and matching going on. We were impressed that they did all their filming with a great big camera and didn't knock one thing over! I can barely walk through the store without knocking something over - they were good!!! We'll let you know when the story will be on.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mommy Mixer tomorrow night!

I was busy today getting Curtsyland ready for its television debut! Tomorrow night, Seattle's next Mommy Mixer is being held at the store....and King 5 news will be there filming the event! Very exciting......word has it that it will air in February on Evening Magazine. We will let you know as soon as we know a date!! This Mommy Mixer is full and closed to Moms at this worries though as we have a few more already being planned for the upcoming months. Just be sure to sign up early or get your name on the waiting list. I signed up for a ballet class at All That Dance...the first class is actually tomorrow night so I will miss the first half of the festivities, but rush over to catch the tail end of the excitement ;-)

Today we received the cutest outfits for your little Princess or Prince. For the princess...adorable velour hoodies with a jeweled crown closure.....and a matching "My First Tiara" headband to match! Also for little girls, a divine little black dress with a pink tulle skirt adorned with a big, beautiful pink daisy. Way to often I find myself wishing I fit into that 0-6 month cute! And for the prince....little blue boxers covered in crowns that read "Little Prince" on the waistband.

We are now all stocked up again in the fabulous Fashion Queen pillow collection. These sassy pillows make great girlfriend gifts...or a little something for yourself if you find one that really tugs at a heart string. Sayings include "I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet".........."So many men, so few can afford me".............and "If you don't have anything nice to say… Sit By Me." We had a long list of customers to call once these arrived, so hurry in - they always fly fast!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Ooooohh Sparkly!!!!!

I guess that glittering the displays for the baby section wasn't enough for Ms. Glitterpuss - she's at it again. This time it's a large display that was meant to hold rolls of ribbons. That seemed way to ordinary to our resident creative genius, so she's been using it to hold bins with smaller items in the kid's section. I'm surprised that it lasted on the floor in it's "natural state" (wood) this long. It's now Pretty in Pink and fabulous! My only complaint is that there's pink glitter EVERYWHERE!!!! Snicker's food, my coffee, my adding machine, my chair - you get the picture. I've been sweeping it up all morning - and IT JUST KEEPS APPEARING!

Speaking of sparkly, we received an order of the most beautiful, sparkly candles that I've ever seen. The Gold Rush Candles are natural beeswax and hand rolled with nontoxic glitter. We have them both in a shorter taper and a pillar. A grouping of these candles will make a stunning centerpiece for your next dinner party. Really - go ask Martha, I'm sure she'd approve.

It's the season of true love, and the Curtsy Girls love everything to do with LOVE. We found the perfect pillows to grace your couch, futon, bed. They're funky, pop-arty and customers have been falling head over heels for them. Not in love? Urban legend has it that if you rest your head on one of these beauties, you'll dream of your true love. OK - that' not actually an actual urban legend - I just made it up, but it could happen - right?

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Saturday, January 26, 2008

If it's not one's your dog

I just got back from taking Snicker to the vet. He's been a pretty bad patient in regards to his sore paw. When we put the donut collar on him, he will literally stand in the back room and stare at me, FOR HOURS!!! It's pretty weird and more than a little creepy. If I take the donut off, he immediately starts trying to get the bandages off his paw, making it worse. I took him to the vet to see what else we can do and found out that in addition to the sore on his paw, he has a broken tooth which needs to come out - poor little guy! So, he scheduled for surgery - tooth out and they're going to take out the sore and stitch up his paw. The vet said we're all going to have to suck it up and live with the donut or cone for 10 days - yee haw :)

Our orders from the Atlanta show are starting to come in. Framebox Baroque in red is a velvet flocked shadowbox frame. There's no glass, so it's easy to create a constantly changing display. Comes in black as well, cool place to show off your collection of antique dentures, nipple rings, whatever..

Our baby section is all a-glow with Danielle's new display. She finally finished flinging glitter in the back room and has mounted the most beautiful dusty pink sparkly frame to display some of the fabulous new baby outfits that are scheduled to begin arriving. Of course she couldn't stop with just a frame so she glittered a ton a baby bottles in pink and blue as well. I have to say, the whole effect is truly Curtsilicious!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Friday, January 25, 2008

Golfin' Babies

We had a gal call from Wisconsin and clean us out of our tattoo pens from Molly'n'Me today. Her daughters had a set and drew some fabulous tattoos on their Dad who is in the military. When he went into work, some of the other soldiers saw his fresh ink and were so impressed they wanted the girls to come in and tattoo them up as well! Too cute ;-)

We received new baby socks sets in today from Trumpette. They are so adorable and perfect for spring.......Jenny & Johnny Golf!! Each set includes six colorful pairs of socks for wee ones that mimic classic golf shoes. Also from Trumpette....we are now stocked up again on their fabulous pink birthday hats. These yummy cake hats may have been made with babies in mind, but we sell more of them to the big kids in us all! The pink ones always fly fast...we also have them in blue, and black which is great for over-the-hill themed parties. And better yet....they come in great black-n-white striped boxes ready to give or store 'til next year!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

For all those with a lame Thursday night ahead of them....






Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She's at it Again!

Warning - the glitter queen is at it again! She's got a brand new jar of dusty pink glitter and the back room's full of her latest projects. Can't tell you what she's working on - just that it's Curtsylicious and sparkly!

Poor, pitiful Snicker dog! While I was on vacation, he developed an open sore on his paw. My fabulous dog sitters, Tony and Mark got him right into the vet and when I came home it was to find him outfitted in the latest version of the "doggie cone". This is a "doggie donut" and they sell them at our neighbor Unleashed Pawlabilities". I think it's a great improvement over the traditional cones - much easier on the legs when your dog runs up to greet you! Snickers, personally doesn't think much of it.

On these cold winter days, there's nothing better then having a tea party! The Tea for Me Too Set from Rosanna will unleash your little one's inner hostess! Fashioned after Rosanna's Tea's Me Set, this 13 piece is the cutest coolest way for your mini-me's to have their own party. Nice thing is that when the party's over, it can all be popped into the dishwasher.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Baby Baby

I mentioned the other day that it seemed as though wedding season was already getting I feel like baby season has begun as well! Oodles of baby gifts flying out the door. Good thing too as yesterday my new baby clothing rack arrived! Very excited to fill it with all the amazing things we have coming in for those cute little ones. One of my favorite new lines that should be arriving soon is Glamajama. Their fabulous onesies involve jewels & ruffle butts and are soooooooo cute. Here's a little sneak peak....

I tied a Daddy's Girl pacifier on top of one of the baby gifts I wrapped today. When I went to replace it on the display I realized that we are down to only a few girl pacifiers!! Why isn't anybody making any boys lately?? These pacifiers have adorable expressions on them. Boy styles include Prince Charming, Stud Muffin, Lover Boy and come in blue and white. Girlie girl styles include Princess & Daddy's Girl. There are also many that work for either guys and dolls......Bad to the Bone, Angel, Flirt, etc. Too cute!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome Back?

Curtsy Mama here....I just got back in town last night after spending a week in the land of flat, hot, crazy & cranky drivers, aka Florida. Vacation started off with a bang when we had to check my mom in the hospital. Thankfully, she only had to be in for one night and she let us know she was not thrilled to be in there at all. Once we got her back home, she rebounded and seemed to feel much better. We had a great visit - played at least 100 games of gin rummy - her favorite. I had lots of time to sleep in, work out, read and catch up with friends.

I came in this morning raring to go, lots to do, a week's worth of e-mails to answer, bills to pay online, some research to do etc.. I click on the little "e" and nothing, click on it again and I get NOTHING!!! Shit, shit, shit!!!!! So, my first day back was spent on the phone with Qwest and our internet service provider, Drizzle. Each one said it was the other's problem. ARGGGGH! I don't care who's problem it is just make it work - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Well, the Qwest guy and the Drizzle guy chatted for a while and voila - I'm back in business!

I always spend some time "browsing" in the store when I get back to see where Danielle has moved everything. Mid-browse, my eye was caught by the adorable little purse boxes by Bryson Studios. Each purse contains a little silver charm, there are cute little wine glasses, a high chair, birthday cake, crown and lots of others. They can be given alone to be added to some one's charm bracelet or we sell simple silver link bracelets to attach them to. A great little gift that comes in an adorable container.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wedding Season

It seems wedding season is already beginning.....I had two engaged lovelies in today looking for bridesmaids goodies. One fabulous bridesmaid gift that we should be receiving in a week or bummed we didn't have it for them the Bridesmaid's Survival Kit. A great way to ensure that after all their looking out for the bride....she doesn't get caught unprepared for any minor emergency. The handy kit comes with 18 essentials in a silver mesh case ready to save the day, and has a gift tag that reads: "Thanks for being my bridesmaid. I couldn't have survived without you."

Another idea is the jeweled Bridesmaid thong by Mary Green. It is a silk knit hip hugger thong with Bridesmaid spelled out in rhinestones. We also have bling tank tops from Classy Bride that read Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid. And everything from Classy Bride can be customized....they have oodles of styles of tanks, lounge pants & jackets, and undies. Just be sure to allow us enough time to special order everything for you! One more bridesmaid idea.....from Dogeared who I told you about last night....the Bridesmaid reminder necklace. The sweet sentiment reads: "Make a wish and put on your necklace. Let it remind you I am so grateful for your presence in my life. Thank you for standing with me on this special day, as you have so many times before!"


Friday, January 18, 2008


More short and sweet thoughts tonight as the Captain and I are about to meet up with some friends at their new condo on the East side.....aren't we the little social butterflies lately!!

Busy day at Curtsyland...I felt like I spent ALL day trying to put together a Dogeared order. There is soooooooo much to chose from! Dogeared makes fabulous jewelry. Our most popular item is the Make a Wish necklaces. They come with a sweet little charm attached to a silk thread. The recipient is instructed to make a wish when they put it on, and when the necklace wears off hopefully their wish will come true!! They also do similar necklaces with special sentiments on the card for every relationship or any occasion.

Another best seller from Dogeared is the Karma necklace....we Curtsy Girls are HUGE on karma. And sometimes we all need reminding that what goes around comes around....


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tissues for your Issues

Short and sweet tonight as The Captain and I are about to head out to meet friends at Oaxaca in Ballard(which we highly recommend!) We received the cutest collection of Heaven Scent gifts for Valentine's Day. My fav item is the Tear Absorbing Tissues.....perfect for that drama queen girlfriend we all have! These tissues for your issues are pink and printed with adorable heart shaped targets that cupid hit. The Heaven Scent collection also includes bath fizzers and soap rose petals. Finally, and probably for that same girlfriend, we have Wishful Thinking Incense Kits. The kits includes six incense sticks printed with wishes of romance....from More Than Friends to Happy Ever After....and a Make It Happen burner. May all your wishes come true.....


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seattle's next Mommy Mixer!

Two weeks until our next Mommy Mixer!! I am sure most of you already know about the fabulous networking event that is Mommy Mixer. For those who don't....Mommy Mixer connects busy families in need of part-time babysitters with college students looking for part-time babysitting gigs. Each mom that attends the mixer will recieve The Babysitter Book packed full of each candidate's resume, contact info and photo. At the mixer, each babysitter takes a turn introducing his/herself, telling about their background/experience and their availability. Then each mom takes a turn telling what they are looking for and number of kids & ages. Then the mingling begins during which the moms interview the candidates they are interested in and possibly leave with a babysitting date already set!

Mommy Mixer has recieved some fabulous exposure lately.....nationally and locally. On December 31st, ABC's Good Morning America did a feature on here to watch. Also, just did a great write up on here to read. Be sure to sign up ASAP if you are interested in attending...moms and sitters....they fill up fast!!

Just a reminder that we are treating you all with 20% off ALL jewelry and lingerie from now until Valentine's Day!! Lots of Tarina goodness is going fast....hurry in if you have had your eye on something. Our last pair of the "Kokeshi" bead earrings just sold....we still have one of the fabulous "Kokeshi" bead waterfall necklaces which is one of my favs from the Tokyo Hardcore collection. Each handpainted porcelain bead resembles a traditional Japanese Kokeshi doll. One of the things that got me hooked on Tarina Tarantino years ago were Anywhere Clips which you can wear, clothes, hangbags, anywhere! I usually wear a few of them together in my hair and I always get oodles of compliments;-) My favorite Anywhere Clip right now is linen with a "collage" of Swarovski crystals in the center....and it is about 4" is stunning!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Mr. Postman...

Back in July of 2006, The Captain was off playing Army in Colorado for a few weeks. It was his first time away since we had become an item. I was very sad to be I went crazy and tried to send him something in the mail everyday. He also sent me lots of letters which I started receiving a day or so after he would send them. Days and days and days kept going by and nothing that I was sending was arriving. I think out of about ten items I sent while he was there....two of them made it before he left. One returned to me a few months after that trip, and we got word that one was sent to his old address at a later date as well. So imagine our surprise when one arrived today.....a year and a half later!!!! It looked like it had been to Hell and back.....soaked, bent, torn, and BURNED in one corner! It was the letter I intended for him to open the day before he was to return...on the outside of the envelope I instructed him not to open it until a specific date. Inside I enclosed a number 1 sparkler because there was only one day left looks as if the sparkler somehow ignited. Too funny....

While away, the fabulous UPS man left me a package full of Lu-lu Valentine's Day notes by Madison Park Greetings! We now have Lu-lu die cut shoe and handbag Valentine's perfect for sending to your girlfriends. They also did these adorable petite Lu-lu Valentine's....we have two styles for kiddies and two for adults. Then in classic Lu-lu note style....a fabulous illustration by Anne Keenan Higgins of Lu-lu being showered in hearts......LOVE!!!


Monday, January 14, 2008


Oh how I missed Curtsyland....wonderful to be back! Was not expecting to come back only to have it start snowing though! Curtsy Mama is off to Florida on vacay for some much deserved R+R. Huge thanks to the fabulous Curtsy Boy Josh + Curtsy Girl SarahRose for watching over Curtsyland while we were gone....and for guest both are fabulous!! Atlanta was fun.....very exhausting. We stayed in a part of town called Buckhead which is a bit away from the gift mart. Most days we took the Marta to and from which is similar to NY's subways....sans the rats, filth, and confusing system....very enjoyable! The most frustrating aspect of the Atlanta Mart is navigating it. It is made up of three large buildings connected by bridges on random floors. No matter how much we try to plan out our attack prior to beginning, it always feels like we are just riding the escalators all day. Say we find ourselves in a showroom on the 3rd floor in building one, and need to go to a showroom in the building three on the 14th floor. So we have to make our way up to floors 7, 10, 11 or 12 to cross from building one to two, then only on floors 3, 4 or 12 can we cross from building 2 to 3. Up and down, up and down, up and down.....

Anyways.....we did manage to find some exciting new things in between all our escalator fun. One of my favorites which should be arriving soon are the new styles from Jessica Kagan Cushman. She is the fabulous jewelry designer responsible for the witty, fun scrimshaw reproduction bangles we have. Her new styles are bright and colorful just in time for spring wishes. She is also now doing many of the favorites in clear resin which look amazing. FYI....we are always happy to call in special orders on these as the favorites sayings always sell fast....and we also have customers who collect all those with Wizard of Oz sayings.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hide and Seek with a celestial body

The sun really loves playing tricks on me when I work at CurtsyBella. When it's out I have to close the blinds in the front of the store to maintain the mercendise on display. Not a difficult task you think until the sun plays hide and seek with you --ALL DAY--. It's defiently one of those moments when I wish that I was in a movie or television show---so that I could provide entertainment for others in my agony. But, at least it wasn't raining. Knock on wood...

Today was a great day at CurtsyBella--until I sliced open my hand gift wrapping. Note to self--answering the phone and gift wrapping is quite difficult. Thankfully we had bandaids to cure my boo-boo. But speaking of Bandaids! We have the cutest bandaids in stock for all different kinds of mishaps. If you are at all like myself or my little sister-you will look for any occassion to wear a festive bandage. The most hilarious ones I have ever seen by far are those by Ouchies-and they are "Teen-Ages: boy bands" bandaids. They feature bandages with flames, skulls and the obligatory dragon to remind you of all of your favorite boy bands. You can almost hear the backstreet boys when you open the stylish tin as well...

The Curtsy Girls are winding up in Atlanta and heading home tomorrow! I can't wait for them to come back and share their fabulous trip with me--and you too! Have a great evening!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blushing Cheeks

Brrrr....You know it's January when everyone comes into the store with bright rosey cheeks! Even though it's cold outside, it was warm and comfy inside CurtsyBella today. We had tons of fabulous customers today that were over joyed with all of our cute Valentines Day decorations. Many of our female (and their male counterparts) were also excited about our lingerie and jewlery sale! 20% of both of those items in spirit of Valentines Day that is quickly approaching. It's only 32 days away!

I also found a very special customer in our store today...a very fuzzy and cranky spider. I found him wandering around the dressing room area-I think he was hoping he had his wife's size in our Honeydew underware. Unforunately I had to escort him to the door (via paper cup and paper towel). He seemed happier outside, and better yet, he had little flecks of gold glitter on him. But for our fellow human customers, we still have plenty of designs and colors of the Honeydew line of underware and bras. Too cute to handle. My personal favorite are the cute lil' rumba shorts with lace ruffles all over! We have several different colors and prints so be sure to come in before febuary 14th to catch the sale!


Friday slipped away!

Hello to everyone in CurtsyLand! SarahRose here updating the blog from yesterday! It was such a crazy day that I spaced and forgot to inform everyone of how the day was! The Curtsy Girls are in Atlanta at a GI-HUGIC gift show--so I am running the store this weekend as well as yesterday.

Apparently it's wedding season, I just didn't get the memo. We had several customers come in yesterday regarding their siblings, best friends or old college roomates who were getting married! Thankfully we can solve all of their problems with our large assortment of Bridal accessories and the sort. I quite enjoyed helping a young woman select a negligee for her sister yesterday. She ending up buying her a very classy and sexy nightgown from Flora Nikrooz, one of the lingerie lines we carry in the store. One of my favorites is this beautiful chemise we have, pictured here. It's elegence is both sophisticated and playful. If you are looking for something special for your girlfriends, I highly suggest checking out this line of lingerie!

I'm off to greet more of our fabulous customers!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Another Day?

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
-Hunter S. Thompson

Greetings Curtsy Friends,
Boys don't normally run botiques. With that said, anything is possible, and sometimes you have to delve into the unknown and uncomfortable to sustain such a wonderous and mysterious creation as Curtsy Bella. It's creators must, from time to time, give in to wanderlust and travel far and wide to capture the most elusive goodies to stock the shelves for the coming year. When that happens, I step in (or Sarahrose:) and attempt to flow with the needs of what must be the finest botique to grace this tiny blue globe in the cosmos we call home. Feel free to come in today, Thursday, January 10th, 2008, and shop til you drop, heckle me to tears, challenge me to arm wrestling, or just videotape, post on youtube, and gut laugh at my poor attempts at gift-wrapping. Hope to see you,

Joshua Bernard Thomas I

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And We're Off!

Busy day at Curtsyland, trying to get all our ducks in a row before we head out to Atlanta in the morning. Son Josh will be manning the store tomorrow - remember to be easy on him, he's a rookie! Go in and see him - he's the fabulous, cute musician that we're always talking about. Want to hear some of the music he's making? Go to and listen to their latest tracks (click on media). You can also hear them by searching My Space for Change Versus Comfort.

Curtsy Girl Sarahrose will be at the controls from Friday to Monday Morning. As she is a Senior at the U, she has class on Friday, so the store will be open only from 11AM - 1:30PM and 5PM - 7PM on Friday, January 11th. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it can't be helped. Weekend hours will be as normal and Danielle will be back in the store by Monday afternoon.

Remember, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, and because we think all our fabulous customers deserve a treat, all jewelry & lingerie in the store is on sale for 20% off until February 14th.

We've asked Josh and Sarahrose to blog in our absence, so you'll be hearing from them over the next several days.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


All of you fabulous dedicated blog readers are getting let in on a secret......from now until Valentine's Day, ALL lingerie and jewelry is 20% off. EVERYTHING! Ooh Bijoux! 20% off Tarina Tarantino, John Wind, La Vie Parisienne, Deluxe! Ooh la la Lingerie!! 20% off Lucy B, Honeydew Intimates, Mary Green, Flora Nikrooz!! We will be sending an email out to the masses within the next few sure to sneak in before anyone else knows and grab that sparkly/lacy/fabulous something you've been lusting for. We adore you all and want to ensure you treat yourself after you were so fabulous to everyone else this holiday season. We also want to make sure you give/receive the perfect Valentine's Day gift. And we also want shopping money for Atlanta so we can bring you back the hottest/newest/latest ;-)

Now.....I hate to spill all my secrets.....but I have one more little something to put in your ear. That discount percentage MAY increase for a certain three day stretch sometime before Valentine's Day but ONLY for those who mention this won't be advertised anywhere else! Oui Oui Cherie!!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Anyone Out There? anyone out there? Today has been the quietest day Curtsyland has ever had! When I've taken Snick dog out for his walks, the street has been absolutely deserted! Did I miss the memo for big Monday, January 7th party - god I hate it when that happens! Well, on the bright side, I can now see the top of my desk, and it's been a while since that has happened! I'm planning on heading down to Florida next week after the Atlanta gift show to see my mom and brother. They had a rough holiday season as my mom was hospitalized with several more compression fractures in her back (ladies, this is why you NEED calcium!) right before Christmas. She then came down with the flu on Christmas day. Pretty much sucked to be her for a couple of weeks, poor thing! My brother is always right there to help her out and for that I am one grateful girl!

As tomorrow's my day off, I'm planning on completing several more of my New Year's "nesting" projects. Last year I added one of the fabulous reproduction clocks from Timeworks to my living room. We've got clocks in a variety of sizes including this Villa Tesio, which is 31", a great size for a large wall. Many of the styles come with pendulums as well.

Now, if you want something really fabulous for your space, consider one of the stunning Crystallized Cross Candle Holders. Hang one or two, of these pieces of art, light the candles and congratulate yourself for having the most amazing walls in the city.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mary Green Valentine's

Today I put out the fabulous Valentine's sleep masks by Mary Green. My favorite is a reversible red and cream ruffle trimmed side says "Hot Tonight".....the other says "Not Tonight." Other styles include a red mask with a Kiss Me embroidery, a cream mask with big red lips, a Be Mine mask, and one covered in candy conversation hearts. All of Mary Green's sleepmasks are silk satin and soooooo comfy to sleep in! We also received adorable Valentine hip hugger boy shorts by Mary Green.....they are black with baby pink lace trim that spells Love.

The Captain and I already have our Valentine's Day dinner reservations......I can't believe how on top of things we are! Curtsy Mama bought us a gift card for Purple Cafe and Wine bar for we decided to use it then. She actually got our picture printed on the gift card....very cute!


Saturday, January 5, 2008


Every year after the craziness and parties and fun of the holiday season (see pic of our Christmas Dinner!), I go into a nesting phase. In January when the weather is usually less than desirable for hiking, I catch up on things around the house. I like to change the look of wherever I happen to be living - little changes can have a big impact and make a space look completely different.

Since these days I choose to be an apartment dweller rather than a homeowner, I like changes that are easily un-done. The Until Dawn Curtain is perfect for me! Made out of Tyvek, which is a tear resistant material, the elaborate flora and fauna panels play with light, creating shadows and textures in any environment. The curtains are 2 sided and we have them in a variety of combinations such as black/white, red/white, green/white and lavender/white. They come with Velcro closure loops and holes to hang from hooks or put on a curtain rod. They are also easily trimmed down from the 46" X 92" size to fit in a window or door.

Stencils are another way to add some interest to boring white walls. Stencil One came out with these awesome Birch Tree stencils in 3 different sizes. We currently carry the large and medium sizes in the store - enough to start your own forest. Not the woodsy type? We have oodles of other designs - skull & crossbones, stiletto, swallow, hummingbird etc.. You are always welcome to come in and see the fabulous CB powder room that Danielle stenciled with the anatomical heart (in gold with a rhinestone added for bling!).

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year.....New Traditions

I love the anticipation of wondering what each New Year will bring. The Curtsy Girls are planning a 2008 full of fun and surprises.....and loads of glitter of course;-) January marks the beginning of our monthly naming of a Curtsylicious Customer of the Month. Each month we will award one fabulous customer a $50 CB Gift Card. We will never use any set criteria when choosing this may be someone who brightens our day with a fabulous story.....someone who makes us smile with a cute outfit/baby/puppy......someone who finds perfect gifts for their bridesmaids/groomsmen allowing us to be a small part in their special day....someone who makes a weekly visit to Curtsyland to see what's new.....someone who stops by to give the spoiled Curtsy Dog some treats and luvin....anything! We la la la LUUUUUVVVVVVVV our customers....we love getting to know them by name....we love to hear about their happenings....we love to see their sparkling faces regularly....and we want to start showing our appreciation. Absolutely no purchase is ever necessary....we will contact the lucky lady/gent by email so make sure you are on our Curtsy Royalty list.

As Curtsy Mama mentioned yesterday....I am slowly but surely getting Valentine's Day goodies out on the sales floor. I LOVE Valentine's, red, hearts, glitter and chocolate are favorites of mine year I am always on favorite thing overload this time of year. I am loving the Valentine iPop Click Magnets we have in. iPop are fabulously strong magnets sets that go "click" on your fridge. We have oodles and oodles of styles to choose from.....Lu-lu clicks, Andy Warhol clicks, Koco NY clicks, Locker clicks, Bling clicks, custom photo clicks....the list goes on! They make great little gifts for a friend or yourself ;-) We still have a few Christmas iPop clicks left as well....stock up for next year while they are on sale!