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Monday, October 15, 2007


It's Monday and this morning I was running a little late. I threw on a top and a jacket and rushed out the door. When I got to Metropolitan Market to pick up my lunch before heading to the store, I realized that the top I put on is absolutely HUGE (have I lost weight?). I realized this because the "girls" were wanting to pop out right there on the bakery counter - EEK! Not being an exhibitionist I knew I had to do something to rescue the outfit. I remembered the Stylin' Tape order that we recently received and decided to give it a try. Voila - no more slippage! My top is securly taped to my chest - I can even lean over! This stuff is so cool!!! In the interest of research, I tried removing the tape to see if it was painful. Nope - not in the least!

I just love this journal! I think the message on the cover is a great reminder. My son Josh (a songwriter) is always telling me to journal when I have problems cluttering up my brain. Writing down my frustrations, perceptions and expectations helps me to sort through the muck. A great journal and a fabulous pen are wonderful holiday gifts for teenagers. They need a place to pour all those emotions that are bursting forth through every pore!

I had the nicest surprize yesterday. I had been chatting with one of our customers several weeks ago and mentioned that my dream is to someday go on a photo safari to Africa. Yesterday this sweet, thoughful woman gave me a wonderful book all about Africa and it's animals. There is absolutely nothing more delicious than receiving an unexpected surprize! I have to remember to "pay if forward" and give someone else a little lift.

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Mary Jo


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