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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be Fabulous in Bed

Busy day in Curtsyland! UPS, FedEx, and DHL visited us today with oodles of goodies, we had a rep meeting in the morning, and guys & dolls were out shopping in full force despite the wind storm headed our way. The power kept flickering at the store, and the Captain said it went off a few times here at home. I am going to rush and tell you about my fav new things we received today before the lights go out.....

First thing we unpacked today was our new kick ass pillow case sets from Snooze City, which I have been so excited to receive! They were recently featured in Nylon mag and People....who claim that Gwen and Gavin are fans of the Guitar & Amp set and the Bride & Groom. On the packaging, the company reminds us that "Statistically will spend 24 years of your life in bed. It's time for you to express yourself where you sleep.....don't be boring in bed." Hurry in to see all the designs.

Next box of goodies we got around to unpacking today included the most adorable little boxes called "Be" Boxes. They are tiny hand painted recycled wood trinket boxes. Inside are little frames with vintage photos of fabulous women instructing the recipient to Be a Visionary, Be a Diva, Be an Outlaw....and many more. They are a great gift in themselves, or could be used as a gift box for jewelry. From the same company arrived teeny wood gift tags.....adorable on top of a package, wine bottle, anything!



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