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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Swimming Upstream

Do you ever have days that feel like your swimming against the current all day? That's what my day has been like. Nothing awful, it just has taken me twice as long to complete everything, little roadblocks at every turn. C'est la vie - yes?

The saving grace for the day was this fabulous new jewlery line that arrived. Double sided whimsical photo collage charms. We have a great selection that can be purchased individually to attach to a bracelet, necklace or keychain. There is also a series of 10 different "Queen" necklaces. Each one has an additional little charm (crown, martini glass, fleur de lis or tiny gardening tools) attached - very sweet.

We are expecting a ton of shipments from UPS and Fed-ex, but they gyped us today with only one package. I can already picture what tomorrow will be like - mountains of boxes. We never object to getting lots of goodies in - it's sorta like Christmas!

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Mary Jo


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