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Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome Back?

Curtsy Mama here....I just got back in town last night after spending a week in the land of flat, hot, crazy & cranky drivers, aka Florida. Vacation started off with a bang when we had to check my mom in the hospital. Thankfully, she only had to be in for one night and she let us know she was not thrilled to be in there at all. Once we got her back home, she rebounded and seemed to feel much better. We had a great visit - played at least 100 games of gin rummy - her favorite. I had lots of time to sleep in, work out, read and catch up with friends.

I came in this morning raring to go, lots to do, a week's worth of e-mails to answer, bills to pay online, some research to do etc.. I click on the little "e" and nothing, click on it again and I get NOTHING!!! Shit, shit, shit!!!!! So, my first day back was spent on the phone with Qwest and our internet service provider, Drizzle. Each one said it was the other's problem. ARGGGGH! I don't care who's problem it is just make it work - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Well, the Qwest guy and the Drizzle guy chatted for a while and voila - I'm back in business!

I always spend some time "browsing" in the store when I get back to see where Danielle has moved everything. Mid-browse, my eye was caught by the adorable little purse boxes by Bryson Studios. Each purse contains a little silver charm, there are cute little wine glasses, a high chair, birthday cake, crown and lots of others. They can be given alone to be added to some one's charm bracelet or we sell simple silver link bracelets to attach them to. A great little gift that comes in an adorable container.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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