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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hide and Seek with a celestial body

The sun really loves playing tricks on me when I work at CurtsyBella. When it's out I have to close the blinds in the front of the store to maintain the mercendise on display. Not a difficult task you think until the sun plays hide and seek with you --ALL DAY--. It's defiently one of those moments when I wish that I was in a movie or television show---so that I could provide entertainment for others in my agony. But, at least it wasn't raining. Knock on wood...

Today was a great day at CurtsyBella--until I sliced open my hand gift wrapping. Note to self--answering the phone and gift wrapping is quite difficult. Thankfully we had bandaids to cure my boo-boo. But speaking of Bandaids! We have the cutest bandaids in stock for all different kinds of mishaps. If you are at all like myself or my little sister-you will look for any occassion to wear a festive bandage. The most hilarious ones I have ever seen by far are those by Ouchies-and they are "Teen-Ages: boy bands" bandaids. They feature bandages with flames, skulls and the obligatory dragon to remind you of all of your favorite boy bands. You can almost hear the backstreet boys when you open the stylish tin as well...

The Curtsy Girls are winding up in Atlanta and heading home tomorrow! I can't wait for them to come back and share their fabulous trip with me--and you too! Have a great evening!



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