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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday slipped away!

Hello to everyone in CurtsyLand! SarahRose here updating the blog from yesterday! It was such a crazy day that I spaced and forgot to inform everyone of how the day was! The Curtsy Girls are in Atlanta at a GI-HUGIC gift show--so I am running the store this weekend as well as yesterday.

Apparently it's wedding season, I just didn't get the memo. We had several customers come in yesterday regarding their siblings, best friends or old college roomates who were getting married! Thankfully we can solve all of their problems with our large assortment of Bridal accessories and the sort. I quite enjoyed helping a young woman select a negligee for her sister yesterday. She ending up buying her a very classy and sexy nightgown from Flora Nikrooz, one of the lingerie lines we carry in the store. One of my favorites is this beautiful chemise we have, pictured here. It's elegence is both sophisticated and playful. If you are looking for something special for your girlfriends, I highly suggest checking out this line of lingerie!

I'm off to greet more of our fabulous customers!



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