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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


All of you fabulous dedicated blog readers are getting let in on a secret......from now until Valentine's Day, ALL lingerie and jewelry is 20% off. EVERYTHING! Ooh Bijoux! 20% off Tarina Tarantino, John Wind, La Vie Parisienne, Deluxe! Ooh la la Lingerie!! 20% off Lucy B, Honeydew Intimates, Mary Green, Flora Nikrooz!! We will be sending an email out to the masses within the next few sure to sneak in before anyone else knows and grab that sparkly/lacy/fabulous something you've been lusting for. We adore you all and want to ensure you treat yourself after you were so fabulous to everyone else this holiday season. We also want to make sure you give/receive the perfect Valentine's Day gift. And we also want shopping money for Atlanta so we can bring you back the hottest/newest/latest ;-)

Now.....I hate to spill all my secrets.....but I have one more little something to put in your ear. That discount percentage MAY increase for a certain three day stretch sometime before Valentine's Day but ONLY for those who mention this won't be advertised anywhere else! Oui Oui Cherie!!!



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