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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Mr. Postman...

Back in July of 2006, The Captain was off playing Army in Colorado for a few weeks. It was his first time away since we had become an item. I was very sad to be I went crazy and tried to send him something in the mail everyday. He also sent me lots of letters which I started receiving a day or so after he would send them. Days and days and days kept going by and nothing that I was sending was arriving. I think out of about ten items I sent while he was there....two of them made it before he left. One returned to me a few months after that trip, and we got word that one was sent to his old address at a later date as well. So imagine our surprise when one arrived today.....a year and a half later!!!! It looked like it had been to Hell and back.....soaked, bent, torn, and BURNED in one corner! It was the letter I intended for him to open the day before he was to return...on the outside of the envelope I instructed him not to open it until a specific date. Inside I enclosed a number 1 sparkler because there was only one day left looks as if the sparkler somehow ignited. Too funny....

While away, the fabulous UPS man left me a package full of Lu-lu Valentine's Day notes by Madison Park Greetings! We now have Lu-lu die cut shoe and handbag Valentine's perfect for sending to your girlfriends. They also did these adorable petite Lu-lu Valentine's....we have two styles for kiddies and two for adults. Then in classic Lu-lu note style....a fabulous illustration by Anne Keenan Higgins of Lu-lu being showered in hearts......LOVE!!!



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