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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She's at it Again!

Warning - the glitter queen is at it again! She's got a brand new jar of dusty pink glitter and the back room's full of her latest projects. Can't tell you what she's working on - just that it's Curtsylicious and sparkly!

Poor, pitiful Snicker dog! While I was on vacation, he developed an open sore on his paw. My fabulous dog sitters, Tony and Mark got him right into the vet and when I came home it was to find him outfitted in the latest version of the "doggie cone". This is a "doggie donut" and they sell them at our neighbor Unleashed Pawlabilities". I think it's a great improvement over the traditional cones - much easier on the legs when your dog runs up to greet you! Snickers, personally doesn't think much of it.

On these cold winter days, there's nothing better then having a tea party! The Tea for Me Too Set from Rosanna will unleash your little one's inner hostess! Fashioned after Rosanna's Tea's Me Set, this 13 piece is the cutest coolest way for your mini-me's to have their own party. Nice thing is that when the party's over, it can all be popped into the dishwasher.

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Mary Jo


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