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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blushing Cheeks

Brrrr....You know it's January when everyone comes into the store with bright rosey cheeks! Even though it's cold outside, it was warm and comfy inside CurtsyBella today. We had tons of fabulous customers today that were over joyed with all of our cute Valentines Day decorations. Many of our female (and their male counterparts) were also excited about our lingerie and jewlery sale! 20% of both of those items in spirit of Valentines Day that is quickly approaching. It's only 32 days away!

I also found a very special customer in our store today...a very fuzzy and cranky spider. I found him wandering around the dressing room area-I think he was hoping he had his wife's size in our Honeydew underware. Unforunately I had to escort him to the door (via paper cup and paper towel). He seemed happier outside, and better yet, he had little flecks of gold glitter on him. But for our fellow human customers, we still have plenty of designs and colors of the Honeydew line of underware and bras. Too cute to handle. My personal favorite are the cute lil' rumba shorts with lace ruffles all over! We have several different colors and prints so be sure to come in before febuary 14th to catch the sale!



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