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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Baby Baby

I mentioned the other day that it seemed as though wedding season was already getting I feel like baby season has begun as well! Oodles of baby gifts flying out the door. Good thing too as yesterday my new baby clothing rack arrived! Very excited to fill it with all the amazing things we have coming in for those cute little ones. One of my favorite new lines that should be arriving soon is Glamajama. Their fabulous onesies involve jewels & ruffle butts and are soooooooo cute. Here's a little sneak peak....

I tied a Daddy's Girl pacifier on top of one of the baby gifts I wrapped today. When I went to replace it on the display I realized that we are down to only a few girl pacifiers!! Why isn't anybody making any boys lately?? These pacifiers have adorable expressions on them. Boy styles include Prince Charming, Stud Muffin, Lover Boy and come in blue and white. Girlie girl styles include Princess & Daddy's Girl. There are also many that work for either guys and dolls......Bad to the Bone, Angel, Flirt, etc. Too cute!



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