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Friday, January 25, 2008

Golfin' Babies

We had a gal call from Wisconsin and clean us out of our tattoo pens from Molly'n'Me today. Her daughters had a set and drew some fabulous tattoos on their Dad who is in the military. When he went into work, some of the other soldiers saw his fresh ink and were so impressed they wanted the girls to come in and tattoo them up as well! Too cute ;-)

We received new baby socks sets in today from Trumpette. They are so adorable and perfect for spring.......Jenny & Johnny Golf!! Each set includes six colorful pairs of socks for wee ones that mimic classic golf shoes. Also from Trumpette....we are now stocked up again on their fabulous pink birthday hats. These yummy cake hats may have been made with babies in mind, but we sell more of them to the big kids in us all! The pink ones always fly fast...we also have them in blue, and black which is great for over-the-hill themed parties. And better yet....they come in great black-n-white striped boxes ready to give or store 'til next year!



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