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Monday, January 7, 2008

Anyone Out There? anyone out there? Today has been the quietest day Curtsyland has ever had! When I've taken Snick dog out for his walks, the street has been absolutely deserted! Did I miss the memo for big Monday, January 7th party - god I hate it when that happens! Well, on the bright side, I can now see the top of my desk, and it's been a while since that has happened! I'm planning on heading down to Florida next week after the Atlanta gift show to see my mom and brother. They had a rough holiday season as my mom was hospitalized with several more compression fractures in her back (ladies, this is why you NEED calcium!) right before Christmas. She then came down with the flu on Christmas day. Pretty much sucked to be her for a couple of weeks, poor thing! My brother is always right there to help her out and for that I am one grateful girl!

As tomorrow's my day off, I'm planning on completing several more of my New Year's "nesting" projects. Last year I added one of the fabulous reproduction clocks from Timeworks to my living room. We've got clocks in a variety of sizes including this Villa Tesio, which is 31", a great size for a large wall. Many of the styles come with pendulums as well.

Now, if you want something really fabulous for your space, consider one of the stunning Crystallized Cross Candle Holders. Hang one or two, of these pieces of art, light the candles and congratulate yourself for having the most amazing walls in the city.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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