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Monday, July 14, 2008

Dirty is how we roll.

Received word today that one of our fav customers is moving back to her hometown of Boston to start law school. We adore all of our customers and get uber sad to hear we wont get to see them on a regular basis. We always try to insist, beg, & plead for them to keep in touch. Just this weekend we heard from one of fav regulars who recently moved to Colorado....Swello to the good to hear from you!!!

So Curtsy Girl SarahRose's Barbie birthday/graduation party was a smashing success!!! We looked uber adorable dressed up in vintage garb as Pretty in Pink Birthday Barbie & Evening Splendor Barbie. SarahRose and I have hair styles that are very similar and very platinum...the first guest that arrived was admiring our get-ups and remarked "Those wigs are just divine!!" I giggle every time I think of it. She totally didn't believe that it was our real hair...she kept insisting that we pull on it to prove it was ours. One of the activities planned for the guests was a poetry slam...the birthday girl choose three of her fav words and the guests had fifteen minutes to write a poem about her incorporating those three words. One of the words she choose was Curtsylicious...which of course confused most of the guests whom live on Whidbey Island and have not been to or heard of Curtsyland. I heard one gentleman remark...."That sounds dirty!" Loves it ;-)

We always love to hear feedback from customers who have given Curtsylicious gifts. I just had a gal in who recently gave our Bridessentials kit to a Bride-to-be. The wedding was this weekend and she reported that the kit saved the day!!! The bride's necklace sadly broke right before the ceremony but was able to mend it using the needle & thread from the kit. Love to hear stories like that! The kit contains 25 essentials that could hopefully save any disaster. She said after the incident everyone in the bridal party wanted to know where they could get one for other brides-to-be....guess I should be ordering oodles more!



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