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Friday, July 25, 2008

She has arrived!!!!!!!

Apologies for a sans blog Thursday lovelies! It was a rough day.....we had some very bad men come in and steal from Curtsyland ;-( I had noticed oodles of baby boy clothes missing after this weekend that were not on the sales report so I have been totally bummed about that all week. I am so emotionally attached to all of our merchandise that the ONLY time I enjoy seeing it leave Curtsyland is with someone who loves its as much as I do and worked hard for the $$ to pay for it. So yesterday as I was working on a display near the front of the store....three very un-Curtsylicious misters came in. I felt uber uncomfortable - so as I went to get the phone to call someone over from next of them followed me up to the counter while the other two grabbed stuff and ran out the door.

I was able to get the video of the incident recorded and to the police. I am almost positive these are the same guys that shoplifted from our kids section a few months back....although not sure it was them this past weekend. They always take little boy clothes....poor innocent little boy must always be the best dressed in hot clothes. shit heads.

Anyways......something so wonderful happened today that it pushed the bad men out of my thoughts instantly. THE TARINA TARANTINO BARBIE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so gorgeous & beautiful & fabulous & sparkling & perfect in every way! The detail of all the itty bitty jewelry and her dress and hair and the TT store setting is to-die-for!!!! It is part of the Gold Label Collection of collectible Barbies and it indicates on the back of the box that only 14,400 of them are in existence. We only have three remaining that have not been spoken for yet. Hurry in, email, or call us asap if you can't go on living without the most perfect Barbie ever ;-)

We also received some gorgeous new TT Anywhere Clips....small & large....and the new silk orchid bobby pin. I love love love Tarina hair accessories! They are seriously the easiest way to dress up any outfit and they make such a statement....I always get oodles of compliments on them.



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