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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday SarahRose

Sorry we were sans blog yesterday. We were so busy serving champagne and sparkling cider and passing out chocolates wrapped with Curtsy Cash that we honestly just spaced out doing the blog. If you missed last night's Sip & Shop event, don't despair, we're going to have an encore, live music, sparkling libations and chocolates wrapped with Curtsy Cash on Wednesday, July 23rd, once again from 5 - 7PM.

Today is Curtsy Girl, SarahRose's B-Day! She has been one of our favorite people ever since she the first day she helped us out in Curtsyland. In addition to being an acomplished dancer (she just graduated from UW with a major in dance and a minor in philosophy), she's an organizing FREAK! Every time she works here, all the drawers get re-arranged and we love it! She's also a self taught oragami expert having provided us with a stunning example of 2 rabbits uh...well you know... for our Naughty Oragami book. She's having a "Barbie" party this weekend, so the birthday fairy may have brought her something from the Tarina Barbie Collection.
She and Danielle are going out tonight and Danielle wanted her to have a party hat. We have oodles of cute ones in the store, but Danielle decided that since it was SarahRose, she had to make her a special one. Turned out really, really cute!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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