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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cross your fingers

Curtsy Mama will be home on Thursday!! I am soooooo missing having someone to play with at Curtsyland everyday. I know she is uber ready to come home too......and poor Snickers must think he lives at the boarding place! Curtsy Grandma is home from the hospital now and doing her best to get better. Curtsy Mama has been cooking her whatever she might be craving every night....she doesn't have much of an appetite but has eat to get her strength back. I heard that lucky gal got a classic turkey dinner feast last night......jealous!!!

I broke my fav heart shaped mirror today....I wanted to cry. I am a wee bit I immediately starting wondering how to reverse or counteract the seven years of bad luck coming my way. The Captain told me to eat a shaker of salt. right. As I don't really feel like having a heart attack over this.....I googled it and discovered some other rituals. Supposedly I could ground the entire mirror into dust, bury the pieces under a tree during a full moon, or place the pieces of the mirror in a river flowing in a southerly direction. I feel tired just thinking about trying to conquer any of those tasks....maybe I am not as superstitious as I have always thought. Think I am just going to cross my fingers for a few hours tonight.

We received a new card line in today......Quotable. I have been a fan for years and years.....we carried them at the store I grew up working at in my home town. Quotable is a company that aims to inspire as many people as possible.....they make cards & gift items with quotes of some of the most gifted writers, thinkers & poets of our age. One of my favorites has a quote by reads "fool! don't you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you!" I also love one with a quote by Winston Churchill that says..."if you're going through hell, keep going..."


p.s. The Captain & I will be attending the inaugural Boomerang Ball this Saturday night at The Kangaroo & Kiwi. It is open to anyone and should be an absolute blast! The event is a fundraiser for the Captain's Australian Rules Football League of Seattle. View the invite here!


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