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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hair Sparkles

I received a visit today from my friend who works for Gene Juarez and just transferred to their new U Village location....yesterday was her first day! I believe they only asked 15 employees or so to open that we are just super excited for her. And we get to see her much more often now! She is so close that if it wasn't for that big parking garage & an apartment building or two....I could totally bring some 'noculars to Curtsyland and watch her cut hair. That would be creepy though I realize. Anyways.....if you happen to have been waiting for their fancy new location to open, or if the person you are currently using is sure to ask for Jillian & tell 'em the Curtsy Girls sent you!

Speaking of hair.....we received some AHHHH-MAA-ZING new Anywhere Clips by Tarina Tarantino in today!!! Some of her new summer designs feature vintage resin flowers that I am head-over-heels for. We have two different Anywhere Clips with a gorgeous collage of a vintage resin flower & crystal flowers adorning a silk ribbon flower. I haven't put them out on the sales floor and someone already snagged one. We also received post earrings featuring the vintage resin flower and an amazing jeweled medallion necklace.

I am obsessed with all of the TT Anywhere Clips....I wear one almost everyday! No matter what kind of hair day I am one notices because the clips totally steal the show. I have the large lace flower clip in yellow which was recently featured in an Italian fashion magazine. And I just ordered the new silk orchid bobby pin as seen here on Jennifer Lopez.....should be here shortly.

Don't forget the Sip & Shop we had planned for tomorrow evening is cancelled!!! Terribly sorry!!! If you do show up - maybe just show us your best pouty face and do a few curtsy's & we will give you some bubbly.....but there wont be any live music and we definitely wont sing. Curtsy Mama will be in FL until Aug 1st now.....pretty please send our Curtsy Grandma some get well thoughts!



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