Adventures in Curtsyland!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Word to Big Bird

TIGF!!! It has been a loooooonnnnnngggg week at Curtsyland....tough when you are by yourself! Curtsy Mama is in Florida right now taking care of our uber sick Curtsy Grandma ;-( I had big plans of accomplishment today but nothing seemed to get done. The divine Curtsy Girl SarahRose will be taking care of Curtsyland this weekend....such a doll! The Captain and I are rafting down the Wenatchee tomorrow for our friend's 30th birthday. It is a 4 hour excursion and the guides cook us a big BBQ at the end....I will let you know how it goes!

Soon as our white water fun is over....we are driving to Olympia to spend a few nights with the Captain's fam. One of his many sisters is in town from Alaska. I just got to meet her for the first time last week.....yet another sister that I ADORE! The Captain has five much fun to date someone with a big family. His family in Olympia lives around a beautiful lake.....his mom emailed me the other day to let me know she is planning us a booze cruise in the evening on their boat then a big fondue dinner.....loves it!!!

We received some super cute baby onesies and toddler t's today from Uncommonly Cute. My fav for newborns say "New Kid on the Block" and " © 2008". We also received some toddler t's that are uber says "Word to Big Bird"....tee hee!!!



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