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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I scream for ice cream & Barbie..

Curtsy Mama will be home tomorrow!!! Sorry for no blog yesterday......I started writing it then got distracted and never remembered to finish.....trés exhausted & brain dead without my Curtsy-partner-in-crime in town ;-(

As soon as I heard news of the earthquake in LA thoughts instantly went to the wonderful world of Tarina Tarantino. I am sending sparkly thoughts & wishing & hoping that every TT gal(& gent), and every sparkling bauble is ok! We just received an email filled with party pics from The Pink Plastic Party....the LA launch of the Tarina Tarantino Barbie. Areas of the TT store were transformed to look like Barbie's Dream House....and Tarina looked gorgeous posing with her Barbie alter-ego!! We received the most AMAZING pink jeweled heart TT necklace last week that I know Barbie would adore. I am also totally digging the new cherub necklace & earrings from Tarina.....perfect for all of the sweet & romantic styles seen on many designers S/S runways.

Mr. UPS delivered super cute jeweled ice cream pint holders today! It is a polished aluminum container that perfectly fits a pint of your fav flav ice cream. It has a big pink jewel pull, colored jewels adorning the lid, and it even includes a spoon that sits in a holder on the side! I scream! (**please note.....I can't find an picture of the exact one we rec'd & I am not at the store. This one is from the same company & is similar.....ours is a bit cuter though ;-)**)



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