Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boob Men

Guess who came to visit me at Curtsyland today??!? Baby Stetson!!!! Him & his mama were getting cabin made my day! The Captain's nephew is soooooo cute....and uber handsome already. The Captain's Mom came in the other day and bought just about every baby "Prince" goodness we had....Stetson is sure to be the best dressed baby in town. She bought the adorable Little Prince long sleeve tee & sneaker set. The tee is adorned with a metallic graphic with a crown....and comes in a gift box with matching silver sneaks. This set is also available in a brown tee adorned with a gold guitar & gold kicks.....and a blue tee that reads "Hugs, Kisses & Rock 'N Roll"....perfect for those Seattle musicians we all know who might be popping out some little ones.

Stetson got a little fussy while visiting which I don't understand since he was in Curtsyland which is pretty much the most kick ass place on earth. He cheered up as soon as he got some boob......typical male. ;-) I think I should definitely send him home with our Boob Man bottle by Baby Gags next time. Baby Gags also makes bottles that say Sucker, Hot Babe, and Milk Junkie - Member of Milkaholics Anonymous.

I have to close Curtsyland early sorry for the inconvenience!! I will be closing at 5:45....regular hours the rest of the week though!




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