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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sleepmasks & Baby Heels

Uber stressful television situation at our place right now. We don't watch too much TV...but two summer shows that I absolutely heart are So You Think You Can Dance & Project Runway. I got home from ballet a bit after 8 to find that the first half SYTYCD wasn't recording on my BFF Tivo and totally flipped. PR debuts tonight and was listed as a higher priority than even though they don't overlap 'til 9pm it wasn't recording the first hour. The Captain is out playing right now and I know he will want to watch PR....don't tell him I told you(!!) I am letting Tivo record that while watching SYTYCD in the bedroom. I get sad every time a commercial break comes and I can't fast forward.

A few new styles of Mary Green sleepmasks arrived & surprised me today...they were back ordered from the shipment we received a few weeks ago. They are uber cute and soooo new that I can't even track down a picture of them on the internet and forgot to take one while at Curtsyland ;-( One of them reads "On Cloud Nine" and is blue embroidered with pearly white clouds. The other is red and reads "Mommy is sleeping....go ask Daddy"......I have a feeling that one will sell out uber quickly ;-)

We also got all stocked up again in our fabulous Heelarious baby's first high heels. They are flying off the shelf....definitely THE hot baby girl gift of the year! Heelarious has been getting oodles of press lately....they were recently featured on ABC News and ET Online, and written up in the New York Post and InTouch Weekly. The InTouch article was titled "Crawling down the Catwalk"....loves it! Heelarious makes soft crib shoes designed to look like high heels. They are made for little ones age 0-6 months so of course they are not intended for walking as the heel would collapse. Heelarious currently has six styles.....leopard, zebra, pink satin & patent, and black patent & satin. The leopard is definitely my fav and has been for everyone else too.



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