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Monday, July 21, 2008

Uncooked Cards

Oh my......manic Monday at Curtsyland! It was just one of those days where it was so hard to get back in the swing of things after a few days off. Well worth it though....the Captain and I had a wonderful weekend. The rafting adventure was so-so....not uber exciting for how much $$ it cost...but wonderful to be with all of our friends. And we had a FAB-U-LOUS time with his fam in Olympia!

So seeing as I am totally vacay brain-dead....I am having trouble finding the words to describe the new card line we received today......Uncooked. It is a card line we knew instantly had to be added to our greeting card fun at Curtsyland. In the about us section on their website...they explain "the year was 2004. we were young and giddy and our bodies reeked of cod. we had just squeezed into our big sexy bathing suits to air ourselves out when suddenly the most glorious idea popped into our heads. uncooked cards! we eagerly jammed handfuls of jelly worms down our throats and began creating the most honest, most absurd, most strangest, sweetest line of greeting cards the world would ever know." That said....I will just let a few examples speak for themselves....

"it's your birthday and i want you to be happy all day. that's why i'm not going to tell you about the sorcerer who lives in my pocket and hates your guts."

"if there was an award for the best friend in the world, i'd make sure you get it. even if it meant having unprotected sex with the judges."

"you must be so excited you're getting married and that you found true love. maybe if i wasn't so easy, i could get married too."

inside reads "thank you for thanking me with your thank you card."

Sooooooo.....when you need a good giggle be sure to stop in and check them all out. Just be warned that your cheeks will hurt from laughing so hard and a little pee might come out.

Curtsy Grandma poor little not-feeling-well Grandma is not listening to me! I keep telling her to get better and she is putting up quite a fight. Curtsy Mama is extending her trip a bit glad that it is summer and much quieter at Curtsyland so she can be Grandma certainly needs her there. They performed surgery on her today to put a pacemaker on her heart and it went well. Since Curtsy Mama is still out of town...we are going to cancel our Sip-N-Shop scheduled for this Wednesday. We should have another fun event planned for August so stay tuned!



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