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Monday, April 7, 2008

Tarina News!!

You know how crazy the Curtsy Girls are for everything Tarina Tarantino! Her collection is so large that it's always a struggle to stay within our budget (such a dirty word) when we place our orders. We do a lot of special orders for customers who have seen a Tarina piece in a magazine or on a friend or celebrity or on the Tarina website, but we've been hankering for a way to let our customers see everything that's available in this fabulous line . Hmmm..... what to do, what to do.? Well, our brilliant TT rep has helped us out by getting us a copy of the complete Tarina Tarantino Catalog (the same one we do our orders from) with the retail prices, ditto for the Hello Kitty, Hair Accessories and Barbie Catalogs. As we place orders approximately every 6 weeks, we're always happy to add a special order onto our regular order. Can't live without the Pink Head Bridal Collection belt buckle pictured here, no worries, we'll order it!

My pal Jane was in town this weekend and Saturday night we had tickets to Cabaret down at the Fifth Avenue Theater. We always try someplace different for dinner and this time we made reservations at the new Capital Grille on 4th Avenue. The food, service and ambiance are all AMAZING!!!!! If you want a really special dinner, this is the place.

It's been a busy day in Curtsyland today, so I need to end this and clean up. Danielle always knows that when she's been gone for a couple of days, that she has to spend her first half day back at work re-creating the displays I've destroyed. Hey, it's job security - right?
Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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