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Friday, April 4, 2008

Mo Glitter

Curtsyland was invaded by the Seattle Fire Department yesterday! Not to worry, they were just doing routine inspections although we never object to having a bunch of cute firefighters hanging around! Clarification - I'm single so I never object. Being safety conscious, the Curtsy Girls do have a fire extinguisher. Being busy all the time, we hadn't exactly gotten around to taking it out of the box. The captain that inspected us was a good sport about it, he just told us to mount it someplace in the front of the store, where it would accessible in case of an emergency. Now, what he failed to notice (typical guy) is that a plain red fire extinguisher would look rather out of place, not to mention downright ugly, in front with all the pretty, glittery things. As Danielle was glaring at him, I was were able to make him see reason and he agreed that she could glitter it, jewel it, feather it - decorate it any way she wants as long as it still works.

Speaking of glitter, Danielle happened to be up to her elbows in the sparkly stuff yesterday. She took an old music stand we had in back and transformed it into a Curtsylicious display for The Ultimate Wedding Organizer. We finally received the last piece of the Mindy Weiss Wedding Collection, and it needed a truly spectacular display.

There are 25 tabbed sections including Budget, Guest Lists, Invitations, Caterers, Wedding Dress, Menus, Wedding Cake. There are page protectors to hold magazine clippings, plastic zip pouches for pens & sticky notes, a section that holds business cards and a note pad. Included throughout are tips from the expert herself, lists to help the bride remember every little thing and samples of wording for invitations. Since I am an organizational geek, it really makes me want to plan a wedding!

I just got the soundtrack from the movie Beyond the Universe and I've been rockin out all afternoon. Yes, I stop singing when a customer comes in, don't want them to run screaming. I'm a child of the 70's and am crazy about all the remakes of Beatles tunes. Their songs are all just complete perrfection!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


  • At April 8, 2008 at 10:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was in the store on Friday and was so happy to hear the Across the Universe soundtrack, and as a child of the 90's I can still appreciate the Beatles! Also, I wish you had been singing or humming because that is exactly what I wanted to do. Hopefully the next time I come in there will be equally engaging music!


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