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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tokyo Hardcore

It was announced today that H&M's next designer collaborator will be Comme Des Garcons!!!! The avant-garde Japanese label designed by Rei Kawakubo is definitely a favorite of mine....I ADORED her Fall 2007 collection....3-D hands grasped the hips of skirts and doll frocks adorned the fronts of dresses. The collection for H&M will include womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories and a unisex fragrance. And since Seattle's first H&M should be open soon in the oh-so-dangerously-close U Village....I can actually get ridiculously excited over this collaboration!! The Stella McCartney for H&M launched when I lived in NY. The morning it debuted, I had left early to hit up the Calypso sample sale before work which began at 9am....then rushed over to H&M which opened at 10am. I arrived at H&M at approximately 10:07.....and it was all gone. Pretty much all I could get my hands on was a Stella jeweled bikini and a keychain....both of which I love but I had been DREAMING of the clothing! Since I have been in Seattle, H&M has collaborated with Roberto Cavalli & Viktor & Rolf....I think I woke up with little tears in my ears on both of the launch days of those collections. The Comme Des Garcons collection will be unveiled in will hit stores worldwide a few days after the exclusive launch at H&M Tokyo.

Soooooo....since I am feeling all things Japanese - it seems only fitting that I dish about our Tarina Tarantino Tokyo Hardcore collection. I swooned over each piece from this collection....I adore neon accents right now. I just got my hair cut short for spring...on Monday (my day away from Curtsyland) I wore my TT pink Tokyo Hardcore cameo anywhere clip and the matching cameo ring. I must have received 20 compliments on my hair clip....every single conversation I had out running errands began in regards to my pretty clip (just featured in Nylon's march issue too!) Next time you find yourself in sure to flip through our copy of the Tokyo Hardcore Collection Book all about Love...Fame...Murder...Sparkle!! It stars Davey Havok (from AFI) and Jeffree Star, and features all of the latest TT accessories as eye candy in a story of obsession...and murder.



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