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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March Customer of the Month!

Our divine & fabulous Curtsylicious Customer of the Month for March is Ariel Simnowitz!!! Ariel has been a wonderful, loyal customer of ours for a long time....and she owns a business with her mom - which our course we totally dig ;-) She always brightens our day and we so appreciate her continued support. For being so magnificent....Ariel will receive a $50 CB gift card and 10% off all of her purchases during the month of April. Remember that no purchase is ever necessary to be named Curtsylicious Customer of the Month. You just have to make us smile....maybe tell us a little story or do a little dance - ending with a curtsy.....and make sure we have your email address.

I had a long day in the front of Curtsyland....making the Easter remains disappear and Mother's Day goodness appear! Curtsy Mama told you about our amazing new art panel prints by the wonderful people at Papaya. (The owner of Papaya is actually a friend of Ariel! I believe they attended high school together if I remember correctly. It's a small, small world....) I hung a pink glittered bar from the ceiling today to hang the prints on. It was a total headache....but perfect for displaying the prints. I fall head-over-heels for each of these prints every time I look at them....I think I need to take one of each home and collage a wall at my apartment. They are accented with glitter (divine!!) and a matching hang ribbon. I also put out the Giclee favorite by far is titled Explorer. It has a quote by T.S. Elliot that reads "We shall not cease from exploration and the end of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

We also received gorgeous new envelope sets in from Papaya. They contain six full-color coordinating envelopes to match the pretty notecards. I love receiving exciting envelopes.....the details on these are lots of fun. While rearranging today....I realized we need to reorder glitter butterfly garlands and glitter Gold Rush candles ASAP....they flew! I still have one butterfly garland out just on display....will be ordering more tomorrow and definitely some different styles - this company has oodles and oodles of different colors and sizes of butterflies to choose. Be sure to let us know if you want to be alerted when they arrive. Also let us know if there is a specific color glitter taper or pillar you would like us to include in our Gold Rush order!



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