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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Marley....Charm It!

The new bangles from Marley arrived today!!! We started carrying the divine bracelets by Marley just before Valentine's Day....we rushed in the jewelicious LOVE bangles and ones engraved with "Te Amare Por Siempre" meaning "I will love you forever." We have been anxiously awaiting the Positive Meaning bangles....each is engraved with three inspirational and positive attributes (each combination of three words starting with same letter). My favorites include "Chic*Charming*Captivating".... "Fabulous*Fashionable*Flawless".... "Sophisticated*Stylish*Sexty"..... "Wonderful*Witty*Wise".... I could go on and on - I love them all! We have the bangles in matte gold and antique silver. Pick one that perfectly describes a friend or one that screams you..."Dreamy*Divine*Darling!"

Also just arrived....some new charms from High Intencity! We just started carrying the adorable Charm It! line by High Intencity and have already had to do a re-order. As predicted.....they are popular with big & little girls alike. I don't care what age you are.....a jeweled bracelet adorned with itty bitty, amazingly detailed charms that you can arrange in endless combinations and change everyday is irresistible! We received a fabulous Hello Kitty bracelet ready to be charmed....also little jeweled stud earrings with a place to hang a charm on each.



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