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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sooo Stinkin Funny!!!!

What the hell is going on with the weather? I, Ms Hate the Sun and Heat - Love the Rain, AM SICK OF RAIN AND COLD!! Just a day of sun and I'll be good, but I'm just sooo over winter for this year. It's making me a little cranky! I'm still carrying Snickers the pitiful injured dog everywhere and every piece of clothing I own is covered in dog hair. Really, everything. Apparently the dog thinks it's spring and he's getting rid of his excess locks all over me. Oh yeah, it's real attractive. I finish getting ready for work in the morning and carry him down to the car and my black rain coat looks white! The dog hair lint rollers won't remove it, so I end up leaving my coat in the car, preferring to be cold rather than look like Pig-Pen with crap flying all around me as I walk.

Anyhoo.......Danielle found the funniest new card line from Cerebral Itch. You know the Curtsy Girls are always on the lookout for the edgiest, most outrageous cards that push the limits of good taste, and well, these cards do just that. It was a tough, tough job trying to narrow down my choices as everyone of their cards are so stinkin funny! If you believe the "experts" that we're in a recession, then the least you can do is send your pals a card to remind them to LAUGH!!!!

In the realm of delivery services, Fed-Ex kicked UPS's butt today. We got 8 boxes from Fed-Ex, but no love at all from the guys in brown. Danielle's favorite arrival today are the Pink Phoenix Sunglasses. They're actually made for little girls, but they fit big girls as well. They're pink, they're full of jewels, what's not to love?

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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