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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Every Woman is a Rebel

I've just finished e-mailing pictures with descriptions and prices to one of our customers who has several gift giving occasions coming up, but lives too far away to come into the store. We frequently have customers contact us with their gift lists along with a little info about the intended recipient and a budget. We'll search through the store for some Curtsylicious gift ideas and e-mail everything to the giver. Once they make their choices, we'll call them for all the particulars and either have it delivered locally, shipped by UPS or waiting for them to pick up at their convenience. You know the Curtsy Girls are all about making you life a little easier.!

Today we received a large order of these amazing Art Prints and Giclee Canvases. The one on the left is called Marie Antoinette and has the caption "Every Woman is a Rebel". I just love that one! The art prints are 12" X 16" and are so colorful and reasonably priced, you can afford to fill up a wall with them! We also brought in several of the Giclee Canvas by the same artist. These are 14" square and are printed on actual canvas.

Yesterday was my day to volunteer at the Denise Louie Center down in the International District. It was one of the little girl's birthdays and they had a party. The birthday girl was dressed up as Jasmin from Aladdin and her mom brought in a cake that looked like a castle! When it was time to sing, Happy Birthday was sung in Spanish, French, English, Chinese and some other language that I'm not sure of. What a cool celebration of diversity! Doesn't matter if I'm cranky or not smiling when I walk in the door of that place, within 5 minutes I'm cracking up at my silly little friends!
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