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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Masters

When I was growing up, my mother was a golfing FANATIC!!! Oh, how she tried to get me to love the game, lessons with a pro etc... but it was just never my thing. A couple of years ago when I lived in Florida I took her to the Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine. As we're walking through the museum we came to a golf simulator where you can hit golf balls into a screen and it's like you're playing an real game of golf - pretty cool actually. It was a slow day in the museum, we were pretty much the only 2 people in there, so the guy manning the booth convinces us to give it a try. I'm up first and my mother is telling the booth - manning guy that I once took lessons from one of the members of the Hall of Fame. OOOHH!! He was pretty impressed as he watched me shoot a 12 to get onto the green of a par 3! Next it's my mom's turn - she also took lessons from the same pro, but she actually payed attention! So this 78 year old 110 pound little lady shoots and is on the green in 2 shots - WAY TO GO MOM!! That was the last time she picked up a golf club, she can no longer play due to the osteoporosis in her spine, but that's a great memory!

Now, had these adorable Jenny Golf Socks from Trumpette been available to her when I was a baby I'm sure the outcome of my golf career would have been much, much different. Ditto for the Johnny Golf Socks and my brother. I'd probably be playing in the Master's right now - oh, except they don't let women play in that tournament. Well' I'd be playing in the LPGA's equivalent, I'm pretty sure!!

If you have a budding golfer in you house, part of their education should be the official rules of the game. These little copies of The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association are an essential part of anyone's equipment. They're small enough to tuck into a golf bag and are invaluable for avoiding arguments on the links.

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