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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Captain!!!

Yesterday was the Captain's birthday!!! I snuck him out of town early Sunday morning and headed to Walla Walla. It was our first time over to the wine country. Downtown Walla Walla was kind of quiet....I think we were a bit early as their season is just gearing up and that Taste Seattle was taking place this weekend. But we hit most of the tasting rooms that were open and brought home lots of bottles to fill our wine rack with.

I watched a bit of the Grizzlies practice over at Greenlake this evening.....getting excited to watch my first Footy game this weekend! The Seattle Grizzlies will be playing their first national game of the season this Saturday down in Portland against the Portland Power. The Captain wouldn't let me come to his first few games last season....had to make sure he was good first ;-) He joined near the end of the this weekend will be my first time seeing him.

We received lots of new cards in today.....lovelies from Hello Lucky and Driscoll Designs. Hello Lucky makes great letterpress cards - they have some new designs featuring the art of Julia Rothman...a wonderful illustrator. Other new designs include a few great graduation fav has a leaping horse on the front and reads "Victory! (that is to say: congratulations on your glorious achievement)" Driscoll Designs are made by a husband & wife team out of Seattle! Their cards are absolutely divine....they have gorgeous art work by the wife Angela....and are almost all adorned with glitter which of course I ADORE ;-) They just started doing matches as well.....I love love love these. (and believe I will need to order more asap.....I sold three right after receiving them before even getting them on the sales floor. Perfect add on when treating someone to a pretty candle....the matches are color coordinated with the cover - and the cover is also sparkling with glitter!



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