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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tarina Rocks!

I have to start tonight's blog with a shout out to my son Josh. It's his 28th B-day today. He's an amazing musician, great son,wonderful friend and amazing cook. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I blogged on Monday about the bash we were holding last night to celebrate Josh and band mate Derek's b-days and the return of Josh's roommate, Greg, from 6 months of traveling in Asia. Now Greg is like a second son to me as he lived with our family for several years when he was growing up. He and Josh have considered themselves brothers ever since then. At last night's bash I come to find out that not long after he arrived in Viet Nam on his trip, he was in a serious motorcycle accident. Broke his wrist and 2 ribs and had large patches of road rash. The boys decided not to tell me while he was still over there as they knew I'd be on the next plane to drag him home. Between the language barrier and the lack of qualified medical care in the area he was at, he's one lucky boy to be back pretty much the way he left. The whole trip was the adventure of a lifetime and I know we'll be hearing the stories for a long time.

OK, here's my dirty little secret. I'm an American Idol addict! I watch very little TV, but I got hooked on the show it's first year and have been a fan ever since. Tuesday night Allison Iraheta was rocking multiple Tarina Tarantino pieces including my personal favorites the Carved Lucite & Bead Earrings. I have these babies in 5 different colors covering pretty much every possible outfit in my closet. I love them because they're light weight, unique and never fail to draw attention!

Eat, Drink and Be Married - sounds like the perfect toast for the perfect couple. We loved these cute little wedding shot glasses from Kate Aspen. A great little gift for the rehearsal dinner - just make sure you have a fabulous toast prepared to go with them.

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