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Monday, March 9, 2009

Out Gallivanting Today!

Danielle & I took the day off to attend to some personal business. We had to be up in Bothell and got stuck in the ridiculous blizzard up there! Crazy, crazy weather! Once I got home, I put on my long johns and took Snick dog for a walk. Froze my face off! I just got back and a nice, long, hot bath sounds perfect right now.

I wish I had a towel as cute as the new Elephant Hugs Towel that arrived last week. Can't you imagine a little cutie, all bundled up in this after bath? Add the Little Peanut Snuggler and someone will be ready for bed.

Sorry this is short tonight, but I've just realized that I have no food for Snickers in the house, so instead of that fabulous warm bath, I have to walk up to Mud Bay. Brrrrr.....

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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