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Friday, March 6, 2009

Twins & Underachiever's

Baby season is in full swing! Having twins seem to be the cool thing to do this year. We rushed in an order from Uncommonly Cute as we were out of most styles of twin onesie sets. And wouldn't you know it....the day after we receive the order, we are sold out of twin sets yet again. So if you know someone having twins....we can certainly reorder the very popular set that reads Baby Squared. Other styles that just arrived from Uncommonly Cute (for those boring folks that are only having one baby) include....word to big bird, I'm kind of a big deal, Elmo is my homeboy, Local Celebrity, peace love & cookies....and sure to be a new favorite: Famous on Facebook.

For those with a bit of extra free time on their hands...say no babies....we just received Naughty Crosswords. Best to let the devious minds at explain...."these 50 puzzles test the old S.Q. (that's sexual quotient). What's a five-letter word for well endowed? In what country is oral sex illegal? Who was the first woman to expose a nipple on TV? Of course, not all the clues in Naughty Crosswords relate to sex. These puzzles test a wide range of knowledge, from geography (63 Across: One of the U.S. Virgin islands) to pop culture (47 Down: Twins who became legal on June 13, 2004) to politics (52 Across: Place where Bill and Hillary started screwing, presumably). Ok, so maybe they're mostly about sex."

Also great for those without offspring....The Underachiever's Manifesto - The Guide to Accomplishing Little and Feeling Great. Written by Ray Bennett....who is actually a medical specialist in Seattle and a recovering overachiever....he encourages you to lower the bar. "If no one in your life thinks you're failing to live up to your full potential, then you've got work to do. Turn it down a notch. Good enough is good enough." It's amazing but after just flipping through this book....I feel as though I was a little too productive today. This guy is good.



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