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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Today was so odd in Curtsyland! I kinda had a feeling today was going to be off as I forgot to wear green. I was so excited about a new ruffle grey skirt I bought yesterday that I pulled it on without thinking twice about my kelly green babydoll I should have worn. Anyways....just before lunch, you will never believe who came to see me at Curtsyland. It was a little green leprechaun! This little leprechaun was very polite. He explained to me that he was in a rush to make it back to Ireland so he wouldn't miss all the St. Patrick's Day festivities. However, before he left, he wanted to choose some gifts for his family back home from his time in the Emerald City. (They were all very jealous, you see, that he got to visit Seattle.)

I told him I was more than happy to assist! He told me about each family member he needed to get something for...and how they all love the color green, of course. I was just about to start taking him around the store to show him ideas when the UPS man came in, dressed in all brown of course. Well...after signing for the packages, I turned around to get back to helping my little leprechaun friend...and he was gone!! I called to him, and looked everywhere around Curtsyland for him...but nothin! I figured he must have realized it was later than he thought and he had to make his plane. So I went about my business...kinda sad that he was going arrive home empty handed. the day carried on...odd things kept happening. I would be working on displays after customers had left...but I kept getting that funny feeling like I wasn't really alone. I would hear odd noises around the store, but no one would be there. Then...after awhile of feeling spooked...I started noticing merchandise missing. First it was a pair of mohair baby booties. Then a Tarina Tarantino jeweled heart toggle necklace! After the fourth item went M.I.A...I noticed that every missing piece had one thing in common....they were all green.

So my little Leprechaun friend hadn't in fact gone home just yet. I called out to him asking him to appear...but he never did. I would have at least enjoyed wrapping all the goodies he was stealing for his family...and ringing him up for them. By the end of the day, in addition to the booties & the heart necklace, he had swindled a handful of our gorgeous new bejeweled bangles, our yummy green Cake diaper bag by Petunia Picklebottom, a sparkly green rabbit figurine, and green skull & crossbones notecards.

I certainly hope his little leprechaun clan enjoys their hot Curtsylicious gifts. I learned a lot about those little stinkers today. Did you know that leprechauns can become invisible?? Did you know they do not like to spend any of that gold?? Did you know that they love green sooooo much that some other colors are simply unbearable to them?? (I think my little Leprechaun couldn't stand the sight of the UPS man in all brown.) Very odd day.



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