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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

butter me up

A divine Tuesday it turned out to be! The new butter LONDON colors arrived today! The spring colors are gorgeous...and arriving just in time to cheer us up as fashion weeks around the world are coming to an end ;( No more new shows posted on-line every morning for me to wake up and drool over. butter LONDON's new spring range was created backstage at the Spring/Summer ‘09 fashion shows in London and New York...and now they are happy to share their nail love with all their fashionista friends! I will let them describe...

Artful Dodger: This true teal is a show-stopper. High fashion and so unique, it’s the perfect way to wear this trend without over kill.

The Old Bill: Burnished copper with a beautiful antique patina. For sophisticated metal heads.

Blowing Raspberries: Rich, delicious berry lacquer. Perfect for in-between days when red is too much and pink is too little.

Muggins: Not your mother’s lilac. A opaque shade that’s pale, but packs a punch.

Cheeky Chops: Why no, I do not have a banana in my pocket, but I am happy to see you.

Snog: Bright, happy, hot pink.

We also have past favorites back in stock now....Yummy Mummy, Aston, Bezzie Mate, and Shandy. I am going to rush home and get my nails looking butter worthy.

Curtsyland is full of Easter goodies right now. I definitely thought that filling the store with glitter bunnies would make spring appear sooner. Today has been sunny but still too cold for Peter Cotton Tail. Get your shit together Mr. Spring. of my favorite inexpensive Easter treats to send off to far away friends is the Bloomsberry Chocolate Easter Range. New designs this year include the Flat Pack Chocolate Easter Egg. I also love the design that features the image of one of those hollow Easter bunnies....who you catch thinking that while "I may be hollow, at least I'm not shallow." There is also one with cute little bunnies getting frisky with each other...and the recipient is instructed to spread the love with thumpingly good tasting premium dark chocolate.



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