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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday Hats & Other Silliness

I hope you had a chance to read yesterday's blog. That Danielle, she cracks me up! As you can tell, she has a vivid imagination, which makes her the perfect business partner. As anyone who has ever been in the store knows, she does a kick ass job with all of the displays. Thank God, because if i had to do her job, the results wouldn't be pretty!

What's not to love about the new 3 Tier Birthday Hat by Trumpette? Even though these hats are made for kids, most of the recipients are adults. We've had many reports of these hats being seen all over the Seattle bar scene. Whether you buy one for someones first b-day or their 21st, the hat is sure to be a fun keepsake.

Have you heard about the 2 British men who bought a lion cub at Harrods Department store in London in the 1970's, raised it until it got too big to keep and then re-introduced it to the wild? A couple years after they returned the lion to Africa, they went there to see if they could find him and they did - the video of the reunion is amazing. I swear it will make you cry. Here's the link in case you haven't seen it:

So, in keeping with the spirit of Christian the lion, we have the new Jungle Collection Socks by Trumpette. Fit for the cutest of little monkeys, the colorful collection of 6 different patterns will help them show their wild side...grrr!

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