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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Southwestern Sizzle

I spent a lot of years in the Southwest. I moved to Arizona from Ohio fresh out of high school, never having traveled west of the Mississippi. Talk about culture shock! Over the years, I came to appreciate and love so many things about that corner of the country. When we saw the newest Navajo inspired collection at Tarina Tarantino, we were instantly hooked! This pair of Crystallized Navajo Cabochon Drop Earrings will look equally great with jeans or dressed up to go to the theater. The intricate silverwork coupled with the striking turquoise and the bling of the various colored crystals make these earrings a striking statement in themselves.

Danielle and I have offered to host a bridal shower for a friend who is getting married. There will be an interesting mix of friends from her work and personal life. The two groups have not really mixed much before, which could equal AWKWARD!! We plan on using one of the Bridal Shower Box of Questions to break the ice. With questions like "What are the best and worst kept secrets about married life?" "Who will be the worst influence on the groom at the bachelor party?" "What three things make the groom the luckiest man in the world?" we'll have the 2 groups mingling, chatting, laughing and offering advice in no time.


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