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Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Bridal

Sorry we missed yesterday's blog, it was Danielle's turn and she was all prepared to write after dinner. Ends up she got distracted by her lovely newly painted nails. Blame it on Muggins by butter london! Truly a hypnotizing color.

Today the store was all about wedding bling! Our newest shipment from Classy Bride arrived and we're in love. They've introduced some new styles in the jeweled tanks including Bachelorette Party - a perfect way to let everyone know what that group of wild women you're with is up to. One of the favorite gifts lately has been the Bridal Party Tube Socks. These have been the star of many local bachlorette party nights lately we've been told. Great for running down hotel corridors at 2AM. The Happily Ever After Robe is a perfect beach cover up, letting everyone know who's on their honeymoon!

So many times in the business of wedding planning, the groom kinda gets left out of all the pre-nuptial fun. The Groom Boxers will let him know he hasn't been forgotten.


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Mary Jo


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