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Friday, March 20, 2009

Cowboys & Indians

Still recovering from our big shindig the other night that Curtsy Mama told you about yesterday. There was so much to celebrate that the celebrating went too late into the night! We were celebrating two birthdays, and all the holidays that Greg missed while on his trip. Said holidays included Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, & Valentine's Day. So the plan for the party was to dress up in Halloween costumes, have a turkey dinner, decorate a Christmas tree & open Christmas presents, count down to some kind of ball dropping, and deliver some valentine's to a little mail box for Greg. So the Captain & I get decked out. I was an Indian Princess....complete with a big feather headdress, dream catchers around my hips, a tomahawk, and fringe stilettos (so freakin' cute...a recent purchase that I didn't even buy for this costume). The Captain was a Cowboy Sheriff....cowboys & indians!!! He looked like an authentic, tough ol' enforcer of the law. He rocked some chaps, a skull & crossbone vest, spurs, a serious mustache, a cowboy hat, and pistols of course (one pistol was full of tequila ;)). Anyways...we arrive to the party to find no other costumes! Awesome. brother would argue he was dressed up...he put on a Star Trek shirt, and Greg wore a red polo & white hat...Gilligan. Needless to say, we had a fabulous time as the only fun people at the party ;)

The inspiration for my costume absolutely came from my obsession with the new Tarina Tarantino Victorian Navajo collection that arrived in Curtsyland not too long ago. I love love love the wood & lucite multibead necklace featuring a crystal pave navajo cabochon pendant. We also have that same navajo cabochon on a ring & both the turquoise & bronze color ways. The victorian aspect of the collection is really seen in the baroque puff heart drop earrings on crystal french hooks. J'adore!



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