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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tough Times

Tonight's blog is a short one. The store's been hopping all day and Pamela was in for one last day of training prior to our leaving on Friday. She's gonna be a fabulous Curtsy Girl!
A friend of mine is going through a really tough time in his life. He lives far away and all I can do to help him is to be his friend and let him know I'm thinking of him. I'm putting a card in tomorrow's mail with these Essential Keys tucked inside. They're made to be carried on a key chain or threaded onto a piece of silk to wear around the neck or just as little reminders to sit on his desk of the things I wish for him. Know someone who's at a hard place in their life? Take the time to write them a note, stick in one of these little keys to let them know you care - it might be just what they need to hear.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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