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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guy Stuff

Today seems to be the day for guy gifts. The Jazz Business Card Case from Acme holds about 15 business cards, making it slim enough to slip into his pocket. The superb quality and unique design of their card cases make them a gift that he'll actually use!

The folks at Sailor Jerry tell us it's possible to raise hell with honor. Sailor Jerry's crowd cursed like the sailors they were, but they believed in being honest, being loyal and honoring their parents. The Hold Fast Cuff serves as a reminder to those ideals and think of how cool he'll look shooting pool & drinking beer in this beautifully embossed cuff.

This is Danielle's Birthday week and we're celebrating all week! Her dad and his wife surprised her by showing up in Seattle yesterday. We're all heading out to Golden Gardens tonight to give her a big barbecue. As she's turning 25, she asked everyone who is coming to bring 25 somethings...marshmallows, jello shots, pairs of shoes, cute single guys as a date for Curtsy Mama. Should be interesting so see what people show up with.

We're leaving for the new York International Gift show on Fridayand Curtsy Girls SarahRose and Pamela will manning the store in our absence. We will be closing this Friday at 6PM instead of the normal 7PM.


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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