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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Made By Girl

The Captain & I attended the Boomerang Ball at the Kangaroo & Kiwi pub this past Saturday. The event was a fundraiser for the Seattle Grizzlies Australian Rules Football Club.....the Footy team the Captain plays on. It was an absolute blast and it raised a ton of $$$ for the team! The invitation indicated the event was formal.....we were curious to see how the guests would interpret that as the K&K is an Aussie pub on Aurora Ave. It was pretty evenly divided.....half the guests were very silly with their formalness....the other half were fancy or weren't aware an event was happening but allowed in anyways if they paid the ticket price. The Captain & I took the silly route. I wore a big frilly gown with bows everywhere.....the Captain wore a ridiculously loud pair of plaid pants, a red sport coat with gold buttons, an unbuttoned shirt, huge sideburns & aviators. I have an oversize plate hanging on my kitchen wall with an Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe image on it. I just glanced up and noticed that the Captain's faux sideburns somehow made their way onto Marilyn's pretty face. ;-( Before the night ended....the owner of the K&K crowned a King & Queen of Aurora Ave. I got the fun task of making the I figured I was disqualified from contention. I was wrong...I was crowned Queen of Aurora! Never before...and I am sure never again....has such an honor been bestowed upon me!!

We received a fabulous new card line in today....Made By Girl. I first became a fan of the company when I discovered the custom coffee tables the owner & designer - Jennifer Ramos - created. She now dedicates most of her time to the paper goods of her website. Her cards & digital art prints are gorgeous & girly & full of color! I love some of the sassy cards we reads "I dare you to take me to dinner"......another has a pic of gorgeous gal declaring that she loves rock stars. One of my fav images from Made By Girl is the Rococo comes in four different pop-artish color ways. We have the chairs in 8"x10" prints that you can frame for your wall....or as a card which would be great for a house warming party invite. All Made By Girl cards are printed on 100% recycled, acid-free paper....loves it!



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